$100k For Grabs In The BitMEX Stellar Giveaway Contest

· 17 Jan 2018 in Crypto News, Home

The BitMEX exchange has recently added the Stellar (XLM) contract to its list and is excited to announce the $100k giveaway.

BitMEX is a global cryptocurrency exchange which was launched sometime in 2014. Deposits and withdrawals on this exchange are made in cryptocurrencies only; fiat is not allowed. They offer margin trading and give leverage of up to a hundredth of your Bitcoin Deposits in the futures market. There are different leverages for altcoins which differs from that of Bitcoin at present and BitMEX exchange offers leverage for Ethereum and Litecoin for up to 50x and 30x respectively.

15 people stand a chance of winning a price in the Stellar giveaway, with the event starting on Wednesday the 17th of January, 2018  and will end on Friday, January 26th, 2018.

Any trader who would trade 5,000 Stellar contracts will earn a lottery ticket, and each trader can receive up to 10 tickets. Each lottery ticket gets the same chance of winning one of the 15 prizes for the giveaway. Any trader who trades a volume of 1,000,000 (one million) Stellar contracts or more gets an additional ten ticket making 20 tickets. Despite all traders having multiple tickets, a trader only has a slot out of 15 for the giveaway.


Prizes to be awarded:

One person gets the grand prize of USD 25k.

One person also gets the second prize of USD 10k.

Lastly, 13 people get USD 5k each at the end of the competition.

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