2 billion is a huge number…

· 26 Mar 2018 in Cryptocurrency News, Home, Press Release
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Imagine having 2 billion individual words to sort through before you were able to put together a coherent sentence… Or 2 billion pieces of coal to crush before you could find the diamonds you know are in them… Or 2 billion datasets to sift through to ascertain your next strategic move in business.

These examples are enough to cause one a hemorrhage at the mere thought of doing them alone or even as part of a large team. The first two examples of the three, i am fairly certain, will never actually be presented to any of you guys currently reading this article… the third though… that is the reality for many business people in the world today.

As the technological revolution speeds up and greater numbers of industries become digitally assisted, in some format or another, the sheer quantity of information in the ether is burgeoning exponentially. We have arrived at a place in time where it is possible to learn pretty much anything we want, about virtually any subject if, we can only find the information we know is out there.

Internet search engines have come a long way since the idea of a virtually limitless, fast, reliable, extensible, associative memory storage and retrieval system was proposed by Vannevar Bush in an article from 1945, titled  “As We May Think”, published in The Atlantic Monthly. He proposed this device should be called a Memex. Nowadays, Google is the defacto king of search engines, so much so that it has become a verb and to google something is to research about it on the internet. The plethora of information available today, through the internet, is creating a world in which business people can become somewhat fraught with indecisiveness.

Why did I talk about 2 billion datasets at the start of this article? Well, that is the current number of datasets (and growing) that a company called Invacio have compiled through the use of their multifaceted artificial intelligence system. Developed over the last 5 years, their system “Jean” uses all forms of machine learning and logic processing to analyse, correlate and find patterns in data that is drawn in from around the globe. Satellite feeds, security cameras, market and exchange feeds, social media, news and radio feeds and thousands of other live and historical sources are fed through their deep neural network. Every kind of analysis known to modern computing is applied and all kinds of correlations can be assimilated from the resulting proprietary data sets.

If you want to understand the immediate and long term effects of a wild fire in california on wine prices in Europe, the data is available. If you need to understand the connection between the crime rate in a developing area of a city and the distribution of late-night entertainment venues around the neighboring areas, they can tell you. Looking into investments for your financial security and need to clue into the relationship of share prices of a certain company and potential rail strikes in the london area? They can keep you on track.

Whether you are looking to get ahead in business with accurate market data and real-time feedback from your clients or planning on beating the finance boys at their own game with world class stock ticker access Invacio has something for you. Keep an eye out for their divisions rolling out into your industry very soon.

Invacio are currently undergoing an ICO (initial coin offering) in order to fund the roll out of various divisions that are underpinned by Jean. The coins sold during the sale will be directly connected to the use of Invacios raft of products. Whether they are used to pay whole subscription fees for AI fintech predictive services or to attract a discount against a corporate market intelligence monitoring account through the Alise division these coins will provide a great amount of utility within the Invacio group.

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