21cryptos 2 - 21Cryptos Magazine – Trade, Win, Repeat

21Cryptos Magazine – Trade, Win, Repeat

A few days ago, one of the most interesting projects was launched – 21Cryptos Magazine. As a crypto enthusiast, I loved the project since it was announced. A magazine focused on cryptocurrency news, pro top picks and future events wrote by cryptocurrency experts? Count me in.

What is 21Cryptos?

As mentioned before, 21Cryptos is a magazine focused on top picks from the available cryptocurrencies, the future events that will take place in the cryptocurrency industry, lessons about trading and many more. The magazine was created by the crypto community and for the crypto community. The information that contains makes the $8 price a bargain. More than 20 people worked to create the magazine. In my opinion, they crafted a beautiful, well-researched magazine that will provide you with fresh information from the crypto world.

Would 21Cryptos help a beginner as well as an experienced user?

Definitely. 21Cryptos was written for beginners as well as for experienced user. What could you learn from it?

Cryptocurrency Top Picks – I was impressed how well-structured was the cryptocurrency section. The people who contributed on this section made a research based on multiple factors such as: the cryptocurrency team, public opinion about it, upcoming events, room to grow and more. Each cryptocurrency presented here has a total score based on all the factors mentioned above as well as information regarding where you can buy it, what is the competition and how the cryptocurrency evolved over the past months. It’s an in-depth research presented just with the facts that matter

Trading Lessons – The first lesson from the 21Cryptos was made by the CryptorTutor – a professional cryptocurrency trader. In the first issue, the “Head and Shoulders” pattern is explained. You will learn how to identify the left shoulder, the right shoulder and the head of the pattern and how could this influence the future price. In the 5 pages wrote by CryptoTutor, you will learn an important trading lesson which may help you in the future to identify certain market behaviors.

Interesting articlesCryptonator explains extremely well how you can do a Fundamental Analysis on a cryptocurrency and determine if it’s worth to invest in on the long run or not. Basically, you will learn how to spot a winning cryptocurrency and how you can avoid the ones that will fall in time. Besides this one, there are a few articles that might offer you valuable knowledge such as Alvin Lee’s “Top 5 Things Traders Can Learn From Poker Players” or the “Coin In The Spotlight: Bitcoin Cash” wrote by TheBitcoinBear.

Pro’s Roundtable – In this section of the magazine, you can see what are the most promising cryptocurrencies from the eyes of the crypto traders. There’s also mentioned the reason why they pick certain cryptocurrencies and information about the person who’s recommending them. In general, it’s a very interesting category and maybe you’d find there your next favorite cryptocurrency.

Crypto Calendar Event – The cryptocurrency event calendar contains a lot of details about the upcoming events in the crypto world which may influence the price of a certain cryptocurrency. It’s extremely useful in order to predict certain movements in the market as well as keeping up to date with the events. The calendar covers any important event from November the 1st until November the 30th as well as undated events that will take place in November.


21Cryptos first issue was better than what I was expecting. They assembled a team of crypto professionals and created a magazine which will give you valuable information about certain cryptocurrencies as well as tips on how you can be a better trader.

What’s next for 21Cryptos? A lot! The next issue promises to have more guest writers that will share their experiences, possible new Pro writers in their team and they’ll definitely have a Christmas Giveaway!

There is one certain thing, 21Cryptos Magazine will be one of the most known magazine in the cryptocurrency world and a must-have for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. Hurry up and get their first issue with a discount right now

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