3 Popular Niches You Would Not Believe You Can Pay With Bitcoin

ยท 10 Apr 2019 in Guides
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Bitcoin has become a hugely popular payment method over the past few years, with the cryptocurrency being used to fund an ever-increasing number of daily purchases.

Since first coming to prominence back in 2009, Bitcoin’s heightened levels of security and transaction anonymity have proved extremely attractive to users across the world.

Read on as we look at how Bitcoin has made its mark in three major areas of industry over the past few years.

Shopping retailers

As a virtual currency, Bitcoin’s usage is mostly prominent on the internet rather than the high street. However, there are some major organisations who have embraced its usage. led the way, with Utah-based company becoming the first online retailer to start accepting Bitcoin back in 2014.

Since then the likes of Microsoft, Shopify, Expedia, Dish Network and CheapAir are amongst a growing list of organisations who have added Bitcoin to their list of accepted payment methods.

There are also thousands of other smaller shopping retailers worldwide that now accept Bitcoins to facilitate online purchases.

Food industry

In addition to online shopping Bitcoin has also begun to infiltrate the food industry, with some major worldwide brands now accepting the cryptocurrency.

Back in January 2018 KFC Canada launched its ‘Bitcoin Bucket’, with the new menu item heavily promoted via the company’s social media channels.

Germany’s biggest online food ordering service,, has also joined the Bitcoin revolution, having allowed customers to pay via this method for over two years now.

Lieferando’s app allows customers to order food from over 13,000 delivery services including Pizza Hut, Burger King and many more.

Sports betting

Many major online gambling operators accept Bitcoin, with punters able to fund their sports betting activities via this method.

The anonymity of Bitcoin is one of its most attractive selling points, allowing users to circumvent certain issues that may restrict their ability to gamble.

Funding your sports betting via Bitcoin is easy, with deposits generally taking no more than a couple of hours to complete.

However, where Bitcoin really comes into its own is when you want to withdraw your winnings, with the funds credited back to you far more quickly than the more traditional payment methods.

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