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3C Exchange: A Platform For Traders To Combine With Trading Bots


Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


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3c exchange platform

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A new and innovative exchange called 3C Exchange has been released to the market. Traders will not only be able to exchange cryptocurrencies but also, they will have the possibility to use trading bots to enhance their trading experience.

The recognized project 3commas is currently behind the development and services offered by 3C Exchange. This provides trust to 3C Exchange knowing the team behind it is working hard in order to offer high-quality solutions to crypto traders and enthusiasts.

3C Exchange

The platform has been operating during the last 2 weeks and it has received around $3 million in deposits since then. They are also handling 1.5 million daily volume from users, which is very high for a recently released platform.

One of the main features of this exchange is related to the fact that they offer algorithmic bots that a very user-friendly terminal with trailing features.

Through this platform, users can simply start trading cryptocurrencies and using specialized bots to improve their trading strategy and increase their profits.



As mentioned before, the 3C Exchange offers users the possibility to personalize their themes and the whole interface. For example, they can easily use dark or light themes or simply hide the information about the balances they handle.

Moreover, there are various languages for individuals to use in order to offer services to users in different regions.

By using the exchange, traders will be able to view their summary balances and history. This is certainly important for users because it would help them keep track of how their portfolio evolved over time.

The dashboard will display users’ portfolio value, their 24hr change, and the different bots that the user has been using.

Furthermore, there is also an option that would allow you to sell all your coins to BTC or to Tether (USDT), one of the most used stablecoins in the world. This can be very useful in case there is a difficult situation in the market, or if Bitcoin suddenly skyrockets leaving altcoins behind.

The process of creating an account is very straightforward, meaning you will not have any issue to create an account on the platform. Indeed, it is possible to do so in just a few seconds and confirm the email account.

3C Exchange Trading Bots and Advanced Tools

During the last few years, cryptocurrencies have attracted the attention of a large number of users. Many of them were beginners in terms of cryptocurrencies or didn’t know anything about trading.

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There were also many professional traders that were attracted to the cryptocurrency space due to the large profits that virtual currencies were promising to investors.

All these traders would have the possibility to have new advanced trading tools with the trading bots offered by 3C Exchange. The platform is currently offering a wide range of trading features that can be added to a custom trading and that would be helping you automate your trades.

With the SmartTrade feature added on the 3C Exchange, users can simply start manually trading and using different tools such as Trailing Stop Loss, Trailing Take Profit and many others.

The interesting thing is that individuals can simply place both Take Profit and Stop Loss at the same time, even before you buy the coins.

This is certainly positive considering that users are searching for more advanced platforms to trade and increase their profits.

At the same time, trading bots and more sophisticated trading tools would be certainly useful during both bear and bull markets, which are very common in the cryptocurrency space.

Moreover, the recently released 3C Exchange includes TradingView chart and order book, which would help individuals have an already recognized and efficient interface to deal with digital assets.

Screen Shot 2019 11 29 at 15.14.47

An interesting feature that is added to the platform is the SmartSell, which helps you plan and decide how to sell the coins that you already own.

The algorithmic trading bots are controlled only by the indicators you have from Trading View. Moreover, there are some pre-determined strategies that could also have good results for users.

As mentioned before, the platform provides information about the different bot configurations available. There are different trading pairs already included besides the most popular ones, which allows altcoin traders to have the necessary tools to leverage their trades as well.

The bots are very useful tools for all kinds of traders that want to profit from movements in the price of virtual currencies. Expert traders will have their trades automatized, while beginners can use these tools to create a profitable trading strategy from scratch.

There are hundreds of exchanges around the world located in different jurisdictions but none of them is able to offer the solutions created and developed by 3C Exchange. 

The advanced trading systems created by the company allow users and traders to have a much more advanced and friendly experience that would definitely make a difference. 

Cryptocurrencies have been always very volatile assets and it is possible to automate trades with the bots provided by the platform. You can create your own trading bot and help your trading activities throughout the week when you may be working or doing other activities. 

Moreover, 3C Exchange was built on top of advanced systems that were developed to offer a great performance to traders without having to reduce user-friendliness and usability. 

In the coming years, new trading solutions are expected to be released to the market and change the way in which traders deal with their digital and crypto assets. 3C Exchange is ahead of other competitors that continue to offer traditional trading experiences without added value or enhanced systems. 

Furthermore, the interface used by 3C Exchange would make it very simple for newcomers to the space to start trading digital assets with advanced tools without being worried about how to use the platform. 

While other exchanges give users the possibility to trade with other advanced solutions, the interface is not usually helpful.


3C Exchange is a new and innovative cryptocurrency exchange that adds many features that other cryptocurrency platforms do not have.

Specifically designed to be user-friendly and to serve the needs of both beginner and expert traders, 3C Exchange has developed a platform with different trading tools and functionalities.

In addition to it, 3C Exchange will give you the possibility to improve and enhance your trading strategies with a wide range of solutions.

Start trading now with 3C Exchange and you will outperform other traders with trading bots and other solutions.