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5 Great Features to Explore On The New TronWallet

Last week the Tron Foundation announced an upgrade to the TronWallet. This move aims to enhance the security of its first mobile crypto wallet by integrating new biometric technology.

Below we are going to look at five great features that you can now explore when using the wallet.

1. Token investments

This is probably the most significant feature within the TronWallet. It allows users to invest in any other tokens that are issued on the network as long as they maintain an ICO mechanism. The cool thing is that the investing itself can be done from the wallet directly. A move that will help keep the newly obtained tokens safe and secure at all times.

2. Mobile Access

Tron already has a few community developed mobile wallets however this is the first major release by the Foundation itself. The TronWallet will give users a convenient way of accessing and protecting their TRX assets from a mobile phone or a tablet.

3. Use of FaceID and Fingerprint Scan

This feature has been integrated to give users more security and control over their funds. With safety being an integral part of the wallet, users will have the ability to unlock their wallet through secure authentication methods like FaceID or fingerprint scan.

4. The Ability To Vote And Freeze Tokens

Super Representatives govern the Tron ecosystem. Tron holders usually elect these entities. Using the native token, users can vote for their preferred representative. The new wallet upgrade will include this functionality in the TronWallet Application.

Users will also have the ability to freeze and unfreeze tokens to use in the voting process. It is a positive development for those that are passionate about advancing the project to the next level.

5. Ability To Pay With TRX And Other Utility Tokens

Another great feature! Given that the Tron ecosystem isn’t only made up of TRX, the native token of the platform, this feature will make the entire ecosystem more useful. Now users will be able to access utility tokens from other companies that use the Tron technology. In turn, they will use them to make payments or any other purpose they see fit.


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