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6 Crypto Coins With The Most Code Contributors

One way some try to assess the value of a cryptocurrency is by looking at the number of developers and developments committed to the project. With this in mind, we decided to do a bit of digging.

Using data from Crypto Code Watch, we’ve compiled a list of six crypto coins with the most developers.

1. Ethereum

At number one is Ethereum and this doesn’t come as a surprise. It seems the majority of developers focus their attention on this crypto coin. With just under 1,000 active contributors, this is the project with the most active developers.

The past one week has seen 56 individuals make contributions to the Ethereum code. A move that shows there is still more work to be done before taking the project mainstream.

2. Qtum

The past one week has been exciting for Qtum. First of all, there has been listing on new exchanges as well as the addition on Circle invest app. These two developments will prove beneficial in the future.

Thanks to its 388 code contributors, the mobile dApps platform is getting plenty of attention lately. The past one week has seen six of them active on GitHub.

3. Monero

There is no doubt Monero is the leading privacy and anonymity-focused crypto coin. Thanks to its community of 350 developers – a figure that is growing every day. The past one week has seen 11 of them make submissions. A move that confirms that the project is still evolving.

4. LBRY Credits

For those that may find LBRY Credits unfamiliar, it’s a marketplace for content sharing. The project’s development team boasts 334 contributors. The past week has seen 19 of them make submissions. It will be interesting to see what the project achieves in the future.

5. Status

It has been a while since there was some major news concerning this project. However, considering the amount of development activity taking place, it seems many changes are still going on behind the scenes.

As of the time of writing, the project boasts 322 active contributors. Things look good as the last one week has seen 40 of them submit changes to the Status code.

6. Ethereum Classic

Occupying the last spot on our list is Ethereum Classic. The project has a total of 277 developers who contribute to the code. The last week has seen only five active individuals add to the code, though. Even though that’s a small number, it’s still significant.

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