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A 48-hours Tokenomics Marathon in Tallinn – The First Iskander Event

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Looking to attend an event focused on developing the decentralised ecosystem, then the Tokenomics by Iskander.events is a place to be.

The host, Iskander.events is an organisation which continually provides vast educational and networking value to create a global community of entrepreneurs, investors, and developers with the aim of building a decentralised economy.

Purpose Of These Events

Tokenomics by Iskander.events are conferences which are focused on specific blockchain technical and market challenges. With these events, Iskander contributes its bit in moving the crypto community to a whole new level of understanding different opportunities of the blockchain market.

Attendees of the event get to listen to prominent speakers in the cryptocurrency field, who have been involved in quality blockchain projects.

Aside from that, people of different background and networks get to share values with each other to develop the cryptocurrency market and related technologies.

Iskander Events

There’s a whole lot offered. Iskander puts together a variety of events:

Tokenomics by Iskander.events – Be part of blockchain conferences in different parts of Europe.

Road Shows – Iskanda organises meetups and investors private presentation sessions.

Collaborations – Coming together with the rest of the crypto economy to deliver top-notch and life-changing events.

Private Events – Hosting events for a unique set of individuals.

Getting Set For The First Ever Event

The first Tokenomics by Iskander.events will be launched at Tallinn University of Technology and will hold on the 23rd through 24th of May, 2018.

This event will be a networking and educational two-day event for entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and traders in the blockchain ecosystem.

Topics to be addressed include best ICO practices in building token models, token history, cryptocurrency investment analysis, cryptocurrency exchange listing policies, government regulation policies, and case studies.

Speakers at the event will focus on financial and wealth generation topics such as tokenomics, token analysis, strategies for trading cryptocurrencies, and the future of the industry.

Who To See

Speakers at the event include:

  • Mario Laul from Beyond the Technological Revolution resercher, Tallinn Technological University
  • Henry Liu from Yeomans Capital, Ex-Facebook
  • Celeste Kwon from Kryptono project, ex-Bithumb
  • Alex Varabei – from Ohio State University, PhD in Finance,
  • Henry Elder Co-founder fromDigital Assets Advisor
  • Will Andrich from Morgan Stanley, LCF Rothschild, PIK Group
  • Hogi Hyun from Abacus Capital
  • Steve Good from Ex Infosys, Deloitte and IBM
  • And also Lior Zaks, VP from Strategic Business Olam Foundation

There will also be regulators discussion form representatives from Estonia, Malta, Switzerland, Belarus, China, Singapore, and Lithuania.

That’s Not All

There’ll be an after-party at the end of the conference. This will be an avenue for conference participants to relax and make deals with each other. The after party would be held in a unique mansion in the heart of Tallinn.

For more information, interested participants can contact:

Maria Spiring
Chief Operating Officer
Email: [email protected]

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