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AAX Celebrates Its Anniversary With Unique Crypto Campaigns

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AAX is celebrating its 2nd anniversary after being released to the market showing all the things they have performed throughout the last years. 

During this time, COVID-19 has strongly affected the world and the way in which it worked. Despite its negative effects in some parts of society, it has also pushed for larger adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world. 

Indeed, Bitcoin moved from $5,000 in March 2020 to over $69,000 a few weeks ago. Between 2020 and 2021, Bitcoin reached not just one but many all-time highs during that period. Moreover, other important events took place. Miners from China moved to other regions in the world, changing hash rate distribution on the Bitcoin network. 

AAX Celebrates its Anniversary

Meanwhile, AAX has been working and creating new solutions for crypto investors around the world. This time has been very useful for the team behind AAX to offer new solutions and help users get access to the cryptocurrency market. 

AAX’s team grew from just 15 employees to over 200 located all around the world. This growing trend could continue in the coming years. This growth in the number of employees is also reflected in the user base. There are over two million users on its platform, showing the strong interest that there is from users. 

This growth experienced by AAX is also present in the whole cryptocurrency market. New protocols and solutions are released on a daily basis. AAX is building a strong and secure infrastructure to offer better solutions to users that are involved in the cryptocurrency market. 

AAX appreciates the feedback received from the community over the last few years. The main question now is how it is possible for AAX to set up an industry standard that would be well-adapted to the nature of digital currencies and blockchain technology. 

Now, AAX is also calling industry players (companies and individuals) to take a step back from the hype of the market. The goal is to look at cryptocurrencies from a new perspective. In order to celebrate its second anniversary, AAX is also launching a new series of promotions that encourage users to light up the AAX space. 

Users would be able to light up the world map and unlock their two-year anniversary gift and they would also receive a bonus airdrop. Moreover, they will have the possibility to participate in different games and purchase Bitcoin at a 50% discount for a limited time. 

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents