About UseTheBitcoin is a 5 years old website focused on delivering the latest cryptocurrency news to the crypto enthusiasts out there.

In the last two years, we’ve worked with over 1000 partners into making the cryptocurrency space a better and safer one – and we’re not stopping here.

UseTheBitcoin is also delivering high quality articles about the things that matters in the cryptocurrency space.  Want to know more about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and all the cryptocurrencies that matters and bring value to this space.

We cover all the important stories about them with an unbiased opinion. We believe that the cryptocurrency space still have a lot of things to solve until it can be a successful one.

But for that reasons we’re here – to help people, businesses and organizations have a better understand of how the cryptocurrency industry works and how each person can improve it.

Our Team

We’ve been writing guides since May 2017 – guide that passed over 1,000,000 views until now and growing day by day.

With our help, we’re crafting the cryptocurrency industry of tomorrow.

A better one, a safer one a much more informed one.

UseTheBitcoin was brought to life by a team of enthusiasts which understood that we need an alternative to the current payment and economical sector. An easy to use, safe and reliable one – Bitcoin.

Since then, we’ve learned that we’re still a long way – but the future begins with small steps. And we’ve made these smalls steps to create



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