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AdaQuest Overview and Review

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AdaQuest is a Cardano blockchain-based game that uses collectible NFT cards to represent character avatars. Each card means you own a unique character that you can use in the game like in a classic pen and paper roleplay. These adventures will take place in a fictional world called Ada.

AdaQuest was developed by Red Potion Studios, a game studio that has worked with several AAA publishers in the last 20 years. These companies include Ubisoft, THQ, and Rockstar Games. They want to give the users a chance to experience again the deep dive, the immersion, and the vibe of the gaming world they are interacting with. With this game AdaQuest, they want to bring this experience back.

Are you interested in learning more about this game and how it works? This article is a complete guide to help you get started. So if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play AdaQuest, this is the guide for you.

What type of game is AdaQuest?

AdaQuest is a combination of a role-playing game and a non-fungible token (NFT) project on the Cardano blockchain. The game is currently in its pre-launch stage and undergoing full product development with a team of experts. These NFT-hero cards represent unique characters, and the owners can use them just as if it is a classic pen and paper adventure. Each card can be traded on the AdaQuest marketplace.

AdaQuest has three game modes including:

Phase 1: Duel and Quest mode

This is the first game mode of AdaQuest and the first use case of NFT hero cards. First, the player needs to choose a hero and have NFT or basic items and battle against the opponent. Later in the game, the users will experience a pre-made set of quest series.

  • Fast-paced duel mode(round-based)
  • Player vs. Player and Player vs. Environment
  • Matchmaking
  • Web & mobile based
  • Focused on Hero, skill, and item leveling
  • Allows an easy first use-case for the NFT Cards

Phase 2: Dungeon mode

This is the heart of AdaQuest. Dungeon mode focuses on cooperative play and will give you the best experience by playing with your friends and collecting more points for your tribe that can be used in the game.

  • Slower-paced tactical gameplay
  • PVP & PVE
  • Matchmaking
  • Using Unity3D engine
  • Loot crafting items, the chance of NFT Drops
  • Further Hero, skill, and item leveling
  • Collect season points for your clan
  • Gain territory

Phase 3: Skirmish Battlefield mode

This mode is not available yet and is still a pure concept. The idea behind this mode is the well-known “End-Game” principle. Each leader of each tribe has the opportunity to participate in skirmishes with his small unit of force.

  • Strategic round-based game mode
  • Most challenging dev part
  • Connecting all game modes
  • Advance Matchmaking
  • Unity3D technology
  • Tactical gameplay
  • Clan-based territorial expansion
  • Higher Season points for your clan


One adaic folk belief says that Ada is a discworld, floating through space and orbiting the mighty Aton. Three spheres on strong chains dominate the firmament of the world. Aton is not made of stone, but is the eternal bonfire of the Creator and provides light and warmth. According to legend, three siblings were born from Ada’s womb and received their names based on their appearances. They are called: Red, Blue-Gray, and Green. In some areas, they were given other names such as Basho, Mari, and Plutus. Three siblings keep the balance of the world in check so that the Netherworld doesn’t take over. This is where the saying “A disc has two sides” comes from. However, some scholars including many mages doubt this view. While others incur the resentment of the common rabble.

What is AdaQuest Unique Selling Point(USP)?

AdaQuest has a real free-to-play concept. They sat down and studied many current so-called free-to-play game games, especially those that are running on blockchain technology. Most of these successful games are only playable with a financial effort by the player. The developers of AdaQuest came to the conclusion that they wanted to do things differently. They took Fortnite from Epic Games as a role model. In this game, there are only virtual items that do not make the player better or worse. Only the player’s skill is crucial and not his wallet. Users can choose from a basic starting character, without the need to buy an NFT Hero or items. You can start right away to play without any level cap, content lock, or paywall. You will also be able to collect NFT items (Play-To-Earn).


Here’s a quick overview of their roadmap. AdaQuest team will update this frequently.

What is AdaQuest Use-Case?

AdaQuest is a virtual world where the great hand-drawn NFTs will not only have a use case but also give gamers the ability to own, evolve and expand their collections. Without worrying that someday a publisher or even the game studio could take away the achievements they’ve earned by spending all hours in the World of Ada.

What is AdaQuest Monetization Strategy?

Right now, the only way to earn Quest Token (QT) is by staking ADA.

Here is how it works:

You can earn 100QT for every 1000 staked Cardano ADA in the QUEST pool.

QuestToken Uses:

  1. Grants you a 20% discount on all NFTs on the marketplace.
  2. Will allow you to purchase cosmetic improvements.
  3. Give you a chance to participate in the planned Goblinverse (metaverse).

What is AdaQuest Tokenomics?

There are three currencies available in the AdaQuest ecosystem. These currencies are:

Fragments – These are items you collect through gameplay and cannot be traded. They can be used to make basic items and gadgets.

Quest Token – A cosmetic and utility token. Used for buying cosmetics, discounts, and the Goblinverse.

ADA –  Is the native cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain. It is required to buy NFTs and other services within the Cardano ecosystem.

AdaQuest Token Distribution Overview

The majority of the tokens will be reserved for offerings (Eg. ISPO and IDO). 600 million tokens of 60% of the total supply of Quest Tokens.

Who Is The Team Behinds AdaQuest?

Red Potion Studios the team behind AdaQuest have worked for some AAA game publishers such as Ubisoft, THQ, and Rockstar to City Interactive, Daedalic, and Electronic Arts. AdaQuest team members are:

  • Marcin Kugla – CEO & Founder
  • Dirk Potulski – CTO & Founder
  • Michael Fischer – Game Design & Founder
  • Thomas Fischer – Lore Finance & Founder
  • Christian Hayungs – Art Direction & Design
  • Alex Cimpeanu – Game Design & Tokenomics
  • Ann Kathrin Raab – Art & Animation
  • Stefan Pichler – Community & Social
  • Viktor Machnik – Full Stack Developer

Who Are The Investors Behinds AdaQuest?

As of today, AdaQuest has not yet named its partners and investors. We are looking forward to seeing the partnerships and investors they will partner with.

What was AdaQuest Release Date?

AdaQuest game is still in its development and plans to release the complete 3-game phase in the year 2023. If you’re interested in learning more about AdaQuest, check out the website at: https://www.ada-quest.com/.

When was AdaQuest Pre-Sale?

Quest Token seed stage was held last February 8, 2022 12 PM UTC and ran until February 12, 2022 12 PM UTC, with a priority round that starts on February 7, 2022 12 PM UTC.

Priority round details:

  • Ticker: QT
  • Start: February 7, 12 PM UTC
  • End: February 8, 12 PM UTC
  • KYC: Yes
  • Price: $0.008
  • Available for sale: 10,000,000 $QT
  • The is a lock-up period of 12 weeks and 6 weeks of biweekly release vesting
  • Payment options: ADA
  • The requirement to participate is 10000 KICK staked in a locked pool
  • In order to participate in the endorsement system for the priority round, 10000 KICK has to be staked in one of the locked pools


AdaQuest is still in its development and we are hoping to see what more it can offer to the users. It is exciting about the new features that will be added to the game in the future and hope that the users will also enjoy them when the game is fully released.

I hope this AdaQuest game review helps you make the right decision about whether or not to play the game. If you want to learn more about AdaQuest, check out their website and social accounts below.

Official Website and Social Accounts

Website: https://www.ada-quest.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdaQuestGame

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adaquestgame

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ZjaDMQv9NZ

Table of Contents


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