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AI Managed Trading Accounts Show 20% In ROI

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money is time

Looking for the next best thing to invest in is difficult, sometimes you get in too late and miss on the opportunity of a lifetime. Trading in any market can be extremely profitable if done right, but it requires knowledge and a deep understanding of the market you’re in. This is no different with cryptocurrencies.

One of the most exciting and yet difficult things that the crypto market has to offer is its volatility. This same factor has made people millionaires but has also cost others a fortune. Knowing when to buy, hodl or sell is not an easy decision, and panic can always get you confused and execute a buy/sell order you did not mean to. The reality remains, once you set that order and it’s filled, there’s no going backward.

How To Trade Smart?

If you want to invest but lack the knowledge to do so, the answer is simple: get a managed trading account. Hire the services of a professional to help you build a profitable portfolio that can multiply your money. Many brokerage and investment firms offer investment accounts, where they do all the trading for you. This simplifies the process and requires minimum knowledge. Unfortunately, it cannot be all good news. This service comes with associated fees, intermediaries, platform fees, maintenance fees, management fees and so on.

But what if there was a way to cut down some of these fees? There are some companies like World Markets who built trading bots based on artificial intelligence (AI). These bots imitate the thinking of a financial analyst who collects and processes data. Artificial intelligence enables the bot to learn about the market and all its history, related news, social media, exchange indicators and more, helping it understand the global market trends and adjust buy/sell orders following optimized and updated data. Led by a team of professional traders, World Markets offers AI managed accounts that are reviewed 24/7 and maintain a steady return of investment (ROI). As of December 2019, World Markets had shown an average of 21.77% in returns. While other similar services showed disappointing results, World Markets remained steady through bear markets and achieved returns far-superior to alternative as well as traditional assets.

This regulated company has clients in over 40 countries and has been awarded multiple times, including best forex trading platform and best AI company. Furthermore, their AI bot is powered by Microsoft AI and fully verified by companies like BarclayHedge. To learn more about World Markets and their innovative AI Managed Accounts, please visit their website.


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Table of Contents