Airdrops Scheduled For Q3 Of 2018

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The increasing demand for valuable blockchain projects which can solve real-life challenges has brought about the numerous projects and cryptocurrencies we have seen in the market today. Some are surviving the heat and some not even seeing daylight.

Different projects use different means in promoting their cryptocurrency to get a massive adoption which can drive the value of such crypto up 100x in such a short time. One of such strategies is airdrops.

During airdrops, platform owners distribute their tokens on different criteria. The most popular would be to give their tokens to those holding some units of another cryptocurrency, eg. ETH tokens. People can also qualify for airdropped tokens by merely registering as directed by project teams.

UseTheBitcoin has written about some few airdrops in the past, and this guide lists some more you can participate to earn free money.


FXPay is said to be the world’s first forex token ecosystem. Using blockchain, the platform enables investing, financing, and foreign exchange trading. The goal of this platform is to address the current problems within the financial trading markets, providing cheaper solutions to brokers, traders, and liquidity providers.

Implementing a blockchain based solution, FXPay will be able to reduce the risks associated with traders and brokers in the market, providing them with by giving them more opportunities and also increasing transaction speed in the market.

Airdrop Instructions

FXPay will be given out 31 FXP tokens which are equivalent of $50. As an ERC20 token, participants are required to own an ERC20 token compatible wallets such as MyEtherWallet. Other recommendations include imToken, MetaMask, Parity, and Mist cryptocurrency wallets.

When that’s done, you then will need to follow the instructions below.

To get your FXPay (FXP) tokens, add your token contract information to your wallet as directed below.

Token Contract Address: 0xdc2228f3538b5ef7af6742ae62239df9ea56c675

Token Symbol: FXP

Decimals of Precision: 8

BigBang Token (BBT)

BigBang brings a blockchain powered loyalty and marketing platforms for the online gambling and gaming industry. Game operators use the BigBang platform as a regulatory platform which they can use to integrate diverse games and related services which can also serve as a CSM or CRM platform. Gamers also benefit from the platform as it serves as a loyalty program which rewards players with a loyalty reward token.

Airdrop Instructions

BigBang would be distributing its tokens in an airdrop to participants who follow the rules below.

An ERC20 compatible wallet for your tokens is needed as BBT tokens are presently running on the Ethereum blockchain.

HireVibes (HVT)

HireVibes is a decentralized platform for the recruitment agency business industry. This industry is said to command over $248 billion in revenue annually. Record shows that traditional recruitment firms require a fee of 15-25% of employee salary after matching jobseekers to desired jobs.

The platform is, therefore, going to serve as a middleman between job seekers and employers with better offers. Job-seekers and referrers get rewarded, cutting out recruitment agencies who would have charged exorbitantly.

As described by the platform, upon every successful hire, a 1.25% of the salary will be dropped to be shared among HVT holders. The same percentage also goes to a Worker Proposal fund which can be voted on by the HV Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC). These proceeds are used for platform improvements, advertising, and promotions among many others.

Airdrop Information

HireVibes is developed using EOS blockchain protocol. Therefore participants of this airdrop are required to hold a minimum amount of 100 EOS tokens. The more EOS tokens held the more HVT tokens you get. The ratio at which the tokens would be distributed is not yet known, but it probably will be a 1:1 ratio.

To follow progress and stay up-to-date with airdrop token distribution information, follow this Twitter page or their Steemit page here. You can also signup on the official site using your email to get upcoming information from the team. (GTC)

G Coins (GTC) is a decentralized blockchain token which currently runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC20 token is driving towards being the standard virtual currency for the global gaming industry.

The platform which is behind the token has some other features which are as follows:

GWallet – a digital wallet which enables platers store and manages their digital assets.

Trade aims to be a platform which will enable players to trade their token for other major cryptocurrencies.

Game Me – a messaging platform to connect the gaming world, using a universal ID to connect players with Game Connect.

Airdrop Information team will be airdropping half of their total GTC coin supply to those who are holders of the GTC tokens on a 1:1 ratio on the 8th of August, 2018.

To get your tokens, you need an ERC compatible wallet as mentioned above, with MyEtherWallet being the most straightforward.

You can purchase some (GTC) tokens from some exchanges which they are currently listed such as, BitForex, OKEx, Hadax, Bibox, or Cobinhood.

No information is given about snapshot date being different from airdrop date, so to be part of this, hold some GTC tokens before the set date to get some more coins.

Cappasity (CAPP)

Cappasity aims to develop tools which will bring a change to the AR/VR and 3D tech industry. The team has already developed a professional 3D digitizing solution which comprises an Easy 3D Scan Software, 3D View, and API used for synchronization with product catalogs.

Airdrop Information

Cappasity has their next airdrop on the 12th of August, 2018. A 3% of total CAPP tokens would be distributed to holders of CAPP tokens.

Token holders are to create a token sale account on the Cappasity platform, entering their ERC20 wallet address which their CAPP token reside.

To get more tokens, refer a friend and get 10 CAPP tokens. Your invited friend also get a 5 CAPP token as well.

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