Amazon Web Services Now Hosts The QTUM Blockchain Platform

ยท 11 Aug 2018 in Crypto News

QTUM, a Singapore based decentralized application, is now available on Amazon web services (AWS). With this launch, developers and users of the Amazon Web Services now have an opportunity to develop and launch smart contracts using the Amazon Machine image, which is made up of QTUM core, solidity and Qmix web IDE.

QTUM foundation is the developer of the QTUM blockchain protocol which is a hybrid platform that uses Account Attraction layer an interface layer that merges the strength of Bitcoin Blockchain with Ethereum virtual machine to build decentralized applications.

The platform is built in a unique way that makes it quite different from the other platform that offers relatively the same service and the partnership with Amazon which is already one of the biggest brands in the world will uniquely spot a good product on a great platform.

The CIO of QTUM foundation, Miguel Palencia said:

“Qtum’s launch is in the AWS marketplace provides an easy to use powerful cloud-based solution for end users and the Enterprise. Anyone who wants to develop/build DApps on the Qtum platform or use it as a skating node will benefit from this.”

One of the merits of using the QTUM AMI on the AWS is due to the relative ease in starting on the blockchain technology without “hassle of handling dependencies.” The platform also makes it possible for the users to run a Qtum node or use the preinstalled node to launch a server into its MainNet.

The CIO of the foundation states that it is the features that make the technology quite attractive for both the small and large enterprises. Companies will be able to launch the servers without “having to spend a large number of resources on infrastructure.” The QTUM AMI is also free for Amazon Web Service customers to deploy a QTUM server. The users can also deploy a test network on the instance to simulate public blockchain without paying a fee.

Interesting Features

Some of its unique features, the QMIX development IDE, a tool that specifically created for desktop QT wallet, which is automatically launched by default. The users will also be getting tools for the building and the execution of smart contracts.

Since it joined its colleagues in embracing blockchain technology in 2016, Amazon has been active in the blockchain industry, especially with startups. It has launched several programs that are meant to ease the lives of its users, through the use of the blockchain technology like the launch of Kaleido, a QTUM like a platform during the early part of this year.

Amazon has pretty been involved in everything, from retail services to online shop, media, technology and the likes. With its CEO Jef Bezos, currently ranked as the richest man in the world. The adoption of blockchain might just keep him there for a while.

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