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What is Apex (CPX)? How Platform Will Help Secure User Data

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Every day, people submit personal information on different platforms through registrations. Despite promises these platforms make always to keep user data, they tend to break the rule, selling user information to unauthorized parties who in turn spam your email addresses or target advertisements your way. It’s every user’s right to know the third party his/her data gets shared with, what information about them is being released and how it’s going to be used. This is what the Apex project aims to fix. The APEX platform is built with the consumer’s rights and privacy at the forefront, and it seeks to develop a healthy beneficial ecosystem.

The Internet, third party data vendors, and other media platforms hold the majority of user data. Therefore, for marketing, research, personalization or just trying to improve customer experience, businesses use all means of getting these data not minding how they are acquired or their accuracy, completeness, and legality. The centralization of data by third-party platforms or companies leaves users with less control of their personal information which poses colossal security and privacy risk and enterprises as well as incomplete information as well.

“Our vision is to build an ecosystem that will decentralize the way B2C interactions take place across the entire consumer lifecycle,” said Jimmy Hu who is the founder and CEO. “An ecosystem that is trust and consent driven, mutually beneficial, reduces waste, and maximizes value.”

What is the APEX Project?

The APEX project intends to first of all shift the power of data back to the users because they are the owners of their data and identity. The need for a transparent consent and a partnership based on mutual respect and understanding if any part of the user data is to be used is ensured via the decentralized platform, and also minimize inefficiency in brand-consumer engagement methods. APEX will reduce cases of appeal and turn them into mutual matchmaking and discovery. Lastly, the need to eliminate resources and cash wasted on getting data from middlemen (companies or platforms), APEX ensures passing a value to both the user who are the original owners of the data and the enterprise needing the information. The proposition is first of all to decentralize user data which ensures they are not collected and controlled by any one person or company, because only with decentralizations will there be a 1-to-1 trust and relationships are formed, and waste is reduced to the barest minimum.

With the Consumer Client Application (The CPX Wallet) the consumer is rewarded with the CPX Tokens which is the official token for the APEX project whenever his/her data is used or engaged by a brand with consent and permission of sensitive data settings being controlled by the consumer himself. CPX keeps accumulating over time depending on the number of times data is accessed, quality of data obtained, and the type of engagement activities that was taken.

Why another blockchain you might ask. The APEX blockchain is needed due to the problem it’s trying to solve which is building an open ecosystem in which trust and consent are the building blocks, and also, information and value are exchanged across the ecosystem without centralized vendors having access to user data. Another vital component of the blockchain is fair and mutually agreed compensation between multiple parties for value acquired through the APEX Network.

The CPX token for the APEX blockchain is dynamic in the sense that all token holders can easily exchange their CPX tokens for real value or cash. CPX is readily exchanged for cash within the CPX wallet to enable monetization from CPX holders to the users who are part of the APEX network. CPX token holders can specify how much CPX they want to convert into fiat and it will be queued based on time requested and the priority type. CPX tokens are also exchanged for products, rewards, gifts, and coupons within the ecosystem.

CPX Token Distribution

50% of all tokens would be available at all three levels of Token Sale.

25% would be withheld for platform and ecosystem growth.

10% as company reserve.

15% of the token sales then go to the team and advisors.

With a fundraising goal of $25 million hard caps, $10 million would be available for the Private Presale where strategic partners and customers have the benefit of buying low with a 50% bonus of tokens purchased. $4 million worth of tokens at the Public Presale with 20% bonus on tokens acquired. At Crowdsale, $11 million would be available for sale.

The Public Presale Date would be announced. It’s best you head over to the APEX official site, enter your email address to stay updated on the token sale.

Crowdsales starts late January or early February and ends late February.

The CPX token should go on the exchanges to be traded in March.

More information on this project can be gotten below:

Whitepaper: http://cdn.chinapex.com.cn/med/videos/to/APEX_Whitepaper_EN_1220.pdf

Website: https://apex.chinapex.com/

Medium : https://medium.com/research-center/apex-cpx-ico-analysis-a-decentralized-data-management-platform-69f42fe209a5



Table of Contents