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Arc8 BY GAMEE: A Beginner’s Guide


Jomar Teves


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Jomar Teves


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Jomar Teves


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With the world of cryptocurrency and NFT getting more mainstream acceptance comes the emergence of blockchain gaming. People who want to build their digital assets often play blockchain games to earn coins and NFTs that they can collect and sell to other players online.

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Another blockchain game that hit the market recently is Arc8 by GAMEE. What makes this play-to-earn blockchain game stand out is that it is a mobile gaming application. Unlike most blockchain games that can only be played on your PC or MAC, this game has a mobile application that you can download to your phone from Google Play or the App Store for Apple devices.

For beginners who want to learn the basics of the game and how to play it effectively, here are some of the most important things you need to know first.

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What is Arc8 by GAMEE?

Arc8 by GAMEE is a mobile game where crypto meets e-sports. This means that it has the same features as video games like having a highly organized and competitive environment or a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). However, what makes Arc8 blockchain games more attractive to its players is that they can be played casually, without any stress like the usual video games you see online.

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The creators of GAMEE aim for the promotion of true ownership of digital assets in the world of blockchain and crypto gaming. They believe that NFT tokens and cryptocurrency are the keys to revolutionizing the gaming industry and that the players should be rewarded according to their contributions to the success of the blockchain games.

Arc8 was launched last September 2021 and within less than 3 weeks, it has gained over 1.3 million users, making this mobile blockchain game one of the 3 top blockchain games of the season last year. Its developer, GAMEE, is actually a subsidiary of Animoca Brands which is a well-known platform for building your NFTs and blockchain games in the open metaverse.

Since its official launching, it has gotten high engagement from players all over the world. Just a month after its release, the Arc8 mobile games have pushed the Polygon chain (MATIC) to even surpass Ethereum based on their active daily users. 

As of April 2022, GAMEE has attained over 6 billion gameplays with over 40 million players globally. 

Arc8 by GAMEE Tokens (GMEE)

The utility tokens used by this game are called GMEE and you can use these GMEE tokens to pay for entry fees in various game tournaments by GAMEE or purchase other utilities in their marketplace. The GMEE tokens also allow its players governance functions similar to other blockchain games. 

This means that the more tokens you own, the more power you have over voting for game contents and how the game can be improved. You can also vote on the GAMEE roadmaps, distribution of rewards pools, and game deployment using GMEE tokens. You will also be given rewards as an initial sign-up bonus in the form of GMEE tokens.

Currently, the GMEE tokens have expanded their usage across other apps, DApps, and other companies affiliated with Animoca Brands

G-Bots in the GAMEE Platform


The G-Bots are characters in the form of NFTs which are Polygon-based (ERC-721 standard) and are designed to provide the optimum experience for their users in the play-to-earn blockchain arena. G-Bots are digital collectibles that are unique, playable, and upgradable that you can use in several GAMEE games.

You can gain more access and earn more rewards using your G-Bots, and the best thing about them is that they have decentralized ownership and like all decentralized NFTs, the GAMEE platform has no single entity that controls all the games and the entire platform. This means that you, as a player, have the power as you gain and upgrade your G-Bots.

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If you want more utilities and access to Arc8 games, you can use the G-Bots that you purchased and transfer them to your Arc8 wallet. Just remember that there is a cooldown period of 24 hours before your purchased G-Bot is ready for battle again.

Purchasing and Renting of NFTs

The in-game characters in the series of Arc8 games, also called G-Bots can be purchased using your acquired GMEE tokens. The tokens can also be used to create custom platform avatars and virtual real estate in the Arc8 platform. You can also rent NFTs like game characters and real estate using the GMEE tokens.

Upgrades and Breeding of NFTs

For players who want to upgrade and grow their collection of NFTs, the GMEE tokens can be used to upgrade G-Bots as well as increase the overall stats and powers of the characters. You can also use the tokens to breed new G-Bots that you can use in-game.

Marketplace, Trading, and Voting

The GAMEE marketplace is where players rent, purchase, and trade their in-game items in the form of GMEE tokens. GMEE token holders can also participate in the decision-making regarding the Arc8 HUbs platform and other GAMEE blockchain games including G-Bots and partner NFTs.

What are the Arc8 Hubs?

The Arc8 Hubs is a virtual real estate community that can be owned by the players. Since Arc8 games have many games where you can earn rewards on the GAMEE platform, these hubs are then formed and organized by the players so they can connect with other players who are playing the same games as them.

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These virtual real estate hubs are represented in the form of non-fungible tokens, and the owners of these NFTs can host gaming tournaments, manage hubs, and sponsor the prize pools for each game. This makes the Arc8 gaming experience customizable and more unique for the GAMEE community.

How To Play Arc8 by GAMEE

To play their roster of highly addictive and competitive mobile arcade games, you must download the app. The app is available on both the Apple Appstore and Android Playstore. After downloading the app, you will be asked to log in on either Facebook or Google. You will then be asked to enter a nickname. After doing so, you will be ready to play!

There are many arcade games on the GAMEE platform, and they are adding new ones constantly so you will never run out of games to play.

In this guide, we will teach you how to play 3 of the currently most popular Arc8 games. The top 3 games right now are; Pirate Solitaire, Qube 2048, and Hoop Shot.

Pirate Solitaire

image 1

Pirate Solitaire is popular for many reasons, one major reason being that solitaire will always be a classic. Most people born in the early days of the modern computer have probably experienced playing solitaire and have fond memories of it. This takes that solitaire you grew up with and puts a competitive arcade twist into it.

You are put against another player trying to rack up the most points and racing against the clock. The same rules of solitaire apply, with a few additional rules to make it exciting. If you don’t know how to play solitaire, here are the basics:


The foundations (the four card area at the top) are the suits of the cards; Heart, Clover, Spade, and Diamond. You start with the aces and you can only put a card on the foundation stack if it consecutive to the card already on the stack. For example, a two of hearts comes after an ace of hearts, you cannot place a three of hearts or any other card as it is not consecutive to it. Moving cards to the foundation gives you the most points.

Stair Pile

On the stair pile in the middle of the screen, only the cards immediately accessible at first are revealed. Stack the revealed cards to a consecutive card, the card you stack on to another card must be the alternate color of the previous one. For example, you must stack a red 8 card on top of a black 9 card. You cannot stack a red on red or black on black.

As you do this, you reveal cards that are faced down, revealing face-down cards gain you points.

Draw Pile

The draw pile on the upper right is where you can get more cards if the cards you currently have don’t have any more moves for you to stack with. Tapping on the draw pile will give you 3 cards, however, only the top card can be moved. 

You are able to have 3 free redraws, meaning 3 full rotations of all the cards in the draw pile. After the 3 redraws, you lose points for every redraw. So strategize and remember the cards that have passed by when using the draw pile.

Scoring and time

As this is a competitive game against another player, you cannot just take your time, in fact, you only have 3 minutes. Bonus points are rewarded if you finish early.

Here is a  screenshot of the scoring system from the tutorial in the app.

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Qube 2048

image 2

Qube 2048 is a number shooter game. You must shoot the same number of cubes at each other to increase their number. They work exponentially so they double with each hit. A new row of cubes reveals itself every few seconds and cubes of the same number that touch each other will merge.


Shooting fast increases the combo meter, maintain this meter to reach a higher score multiplier. The maximum combo multiplier is 5x and the longer you can maintain this, the higher your score will be.

Red Line

Cubes cannot cross the red line. New cubes from the back row will emerge and constantly push the old ones forward. You must shoot matching cubes and merge the existing ones to keep them back. Once the cubes reach the red line, it is game over.

Bonus Cubes

These are the bonus cubes, these will help you gain a higher score and keep those cubes far from the red line as much as possible. Maximizing your use of these cubes will give you more chances for success.

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Hoop Shot

Hoop shot is a basketball game where you try to shoot the ball from one hoop to another. Pull back on the hoop to add more power to your shot and move your finger to aim. Your goal is to not let the ball fall below and you must climb up as far as you can.


You gain a point for every shot made. Occasionally you will see a star, these grant you a bonus point. Clean shots grant you +3 bonus points. Make sure to get as many stars as possible and be as precise as you can with your photos to make the most points.

As you play against another player, you must balance your precision with speed. The faster you shoot, the more the combo multiplier builds up, and your score can be higher.


Power-ups help you progress faster and help you gain more points.

arc 6

The power-ups you can earn are; Large hoops, extend aim, ball shrink, and fall protection. Collecting these power-ups can help you play faster, keeping that combo multiplier.