ARK Price Update: Core DevNet Goes Live + New Partnerships

· 07 Sep 2018 in Crypto News

ARK Price Update: Core DevNet Goes Live + New Partnerships

ARK continues investing in its platform and building up a strong community. The coin is doing its best to battle the bear market—and its community seems like one of its best weapons. To mirror that, the coin continues making progress on its roadmap.

Just this month, ARK signed two key new partnerships and the Core DevNet went live.

ARK’s New Partnerships

The first partnership that ARK signed was with Ø Crypto Union. The Ø Crypto Union is a versatile range of expertly crafted financial services designed for the crypto world, according to the official site.

On August 23, ARK announced the partnership with the company. As per the official report, both companies will be providing new opportunities to ARK holders. Users would have the possibility to borrow fiat money using ARK as collateral.

The company is currently offering three different services including  Ø Pay, Ø Invest, and Ø Lift.

The Ø Pay service provides users credit backed by cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Ø Invest is an internal exchange platform known as ØDEX. Finally, Ø Lift is a platform that offers users tax optimization and other services.

ARK signed another partnership with MARAChain. MARAChain is the first secure exchange of digital documents with GDPR compliance. The partnership aims at creating a solution on the ARK blockchain.

A. J. Melian, MARAChain CEO, commented on the matter:

“In our view, ARK has the potential to become the blockchain ecosystem for high-security data environments, as required for compliance with the EU-GDPR regulations. This, in combination with the professionalism of the organisation and people behind ARK, is why MARAChain chosen to collaborate with ARK to develop the future of Secure Exchange of Digital Documents.”

ARK Core DevNet is Now Live

ARK and its development team have created a DevNet specifically designed for ARK Core V2. The main purpose is to address glitches in the codebase. Since August 15, the DevNet is live. Developers and members of the community can provide feedback about it.

Additionally, the team is working to complete the Desktop Wallet V2. One of the main features is related to a ‘dynamic fee’ slider that is being tested.

For those mainnet delegates that want to participate ARK explains how the testing process works. The first step is to convert v1 Mainnet database to V2 database. After it, users would have to start the network with the converted database and trace logs for errors. Once that’s performed, users should log all exceptions in the exclusion list and repeat the process to eliminate all the errors. If that’s completed, then users need to add mainnet delegates to an isolated environment for testing.

Those interested in testing and setting up a relay node can do it here.

ARK prices have stayed in line with the rest of the market; falling and rising with Bitcoin movement. If and as it can continue to hit milestones, however, the likelier it will be that it breaks free and starts finding its own value.

ARK is currently trading under $.70 — down from June prices of over $2.00. The coin is up 25% from its low point this August, however, so it will look to continue this momentum.


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