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Australian University RMIT to Offer Blockchain-Oriented Classes

Clearly, Blockchain technology is growing everywhere. Enterprises are searching for specialists in this area, but the demand is higher than the offer. So as to develop the market, universities will have to offer cryptocurrency and blockchain courses. This is what the Australian University RMIT is doing.

Australian University Blockchain Course

During the last years, blockchain technology has been embraced by governments and different enterprises. We have written several times at UseTheBitcoin about it. But it is also important to mark that in the last times, several universities started to offer cryptocurrency courses around the world. And that’s a very necessary thing nowadays.


RMIT has decided to sign a partnership with Accenture and Stone & Chalk in order to create a course that will be focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The course will be price at $1600 AUD ($1250 US Dollars), will last eight weeks, and will help users learn strategies about how to use blockchain innovations on the real world.

Martin Bean, vice-chancellor of RMIT, commented:

“Blockchain is now becoming a core part of contemporary digital literacy and we are delighted to offer an industry-focused program built in collaboration with our partners at Accenture and Stone and Chalk, as well as RMIT’s Blockchain Innovation Hub.”

Alan Tsen, CEO of Stone & Chalk, has commented that the course will be ridging the “skills and training gap” that the cryptocurrency market is experiencing. At the same time, John Harris, Director at Accenture, has emphasized on the development of fintech services in the banking industry.

As RMIT, there are many other universities and educational institutions offering cryptocurrency and blockchain courses. As the virtual currency market keeps expanding and blockchain technology is being adopted by several institutions (public and private), these courses will be highly demanded in the next years.

Many experts and investors have placed their bets on this technology. Even without cryptocurrencies, Blockchain allows for many use cases in the real world that enterprises and governments are not able to avoid.

Other important institutions in Australia, like the Australian Securities Exchange or the Brisbane Airport are working in order to integrate cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to their activities.