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Beginners Guide On Bitcoin Investment And Trading Strategies

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The popular cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin is a multi-faceted coin serving many different purposes. It offers many benefits one can’t get when using fiat currency. Furthermore, a coin with high growth potential piqued investors’ interest. Due to its high-profit potential compared to fiat currency, many are now interested in learning how to invest in BTC.

Technology has made it easy to trade Bitcoin with so many exchange platforms and trading apps. Consequently, many nations are currently validating the coin’s use as payment. This situation has further increased the currency’s value, with the number of owners increasing with fewer people dumping their coins.

Before, investing in Bitcoin was tedious, with much crypto knowledge needed. However, this is no longer the case as many cryptos investing help and strategies are available. Subsequently, this Bitcoin investment guide is one of them, which would help cryptocurrency enthusiasts in learning how to invest in BTC.

Is investing in Bitcoin a Good Investment?

Investing in Bitcoin is a good investment compared to trading in fiat currency. This is because it opens more doors to profits you won’t get when operating other coins. Furthermore, as new technological advancements are coming up, they all see their intention to work with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Hence, it would be advantageous if you were part of the early bird. 

Like any investment, there are always risks involved; Bitcoin, on its own, carries its specific level of risk. Thus it is up to a reasonable investor to account for all these risks and know when it is the right time to dip out. 

Getting Started on Investing in BTC

There are many ways to invest in Bitcoin, the first part of your knowledge of learning how to invest in BTC is determining which suits you. Some ways you can start investing in BTC include

● Crypto Exchange 

There are several crypto exchange platforms in the crypto industry with which one can begin their investment journey. These platforms are the most used, making investing in BTC quick. All it entails is simply buying Bitcoin from them, a form of cryptocurrency investing. Once you purchase these coins, you store them, monitoring their growth. Hence, they are perfect for long-term investments, keeping them watching their dips and highs for a very long time. 

● Buying Shares in a Bitcoin-based Company 

You can invest in Bitcoin by investing in companies with a partial or complete interest in Bitcoin. Investing in a Bitcoin mining company is the most commonly used among these options. 

● Investing in an Exchange Traded Fund

An Exchange Traded Fund option is available if investing in a company or an individual fund seems like it could be more appealing. A cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund can monitor either a single or multiple coins. 

Requirements for Bitcoin Investing and Trading 

There are a few requirements for investing in Bitcoin. Their minimal criteria make them the perfect and highly sought means of investment. Some of these requirements are.

● A valid government means of identification 

● Fiat Currency Banking Account 

● Bitcoin Wallet

● A device with a stable internet connection 

With these simple requirements, one can quickly start their Bitcoin investment journey. Sometimes, your details are optional as it depends on the method used when purchasing the coin. 

How to invest in Bitcoin using a crypto exchange platform 

As stated earlier, investing in BTC is easier when using a crypto exchange platform. Below are the steps involved when investing in BTC using a crypto exchange platform.

1. Join an Exchange Platform 

2. Get a crypto wallet; most exchange platforms give you a wallet when you register.

3. Link your fiat currency account to your crypto wallet or exchange platform. 

4. Exchange your fiat currency for Bitcoin, and send it to your crypto wallet. 

5. Monitor your Bitcoin investments by keeping updated with the crypto market.

Bitcoin Investment and Trading Strategies 

Strategies are essential when investing or trading the Bitcoin currency. Every system has its advantages as well as its risks involved. Let’s now give you a few Bitcoin investment strategies you can apply.

● Buy and Hold Strategy 

The buy-and-hold Strategy is straightforward and basic; you might be doing it but have no idea. It is a long-term, passive approach, as it involves waiting and monitoring. This Strategy helps you maintain a stable crypto investment portfolio. Most investors have a set time for which they intend to use this Strategy, irrespective of fluctuations or highs. Hence, It is a strategy for the future that helps build a fallback or a nest egg for the future.

● Utilize Volatility (Buy low, Sell High).

Crypto is known for its steady growth but is also susceptible to frequent lows. Moreover, it is very volatile, which spells good news for most traders who take advantage of the price swings. In this Strategy, you buy at a lower price and sell at a further increased higher price. Hence, for short-term investors, this Strategy is beneficial. 

● Dollar Cost Averaging 

The DCA investment strategy is a viral Bitcoin investment strategy many investors use. It involves investing a fixed amount of Bitcoin at regular intervals rather than bulk investment. Using this Strategy, you avoid the issues brought about by Bitcoin’s volatility and reduce potential losses. 

Therefore, you would be investing smaller fixed amounts from time to time in the hope they might yield high profits. For example, you might invest 50 dollars in Bitcoin every Friday or at specific intervals. 


Now is the perfect time to start investing in crypto, as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are here to stay. Besides, more coins are being added to the crypto exchange market, further solidifying the market. For a while, Bitcoin has been referred to as the currency for the future. However, it is more than just a currency for the future, but rather money for the present; therefore, for investors, now is a perfect time.

Table of Contents


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