Best Alternative for Nicehash

HoneyMiner – Best Alternative for Nicehash And Minergate in 2019

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If you’re a beginner in the crypto world, you’d want to find an easy way to get some coins of your choice! And aside from the typical practice of purchasing or trading digital currencies with your fiat funds, chances are, you’d find yourself wondering how you can mine some coins yourself. 

This idea is a sound and effective way to get some coins. However, mining most digital currencies are costly. Aside from the very expensive resources, there is another challenge of trying to find a reasonable amount of digital currency through this approach. 

It doesn’t add up! You probably think that the more money and time you spend in a business venture, the higher the chances of a better return on investment. 

Nonetheless, cryptocurrencies are volatile, and a single misstep or a slight nudge in movement may make or break your investments. This is why we recommend you try the HoneyMiner. 

What Is The HoneyMiner And How To Start Mining?

The platform, as they say, gives users the opportunity to mine and get returns from mined coins like the big mining firms out there. The HoneyMiner software gives people the opportunity to make use of the sophisticated mining software to make a meaningful income just by having their PCs turned on.

Best Alternative for Nicehash

One major advantage of this miner is that anyone who chooses to mine does not need to bother about what valuable cryptocurrencies to mine, the software scans through existing cryptocurrencies for itself and identifies the most profitable coins to mine at any given time, converting every mined coin into Bitcoins.

HoneyMiner makes mining so easy that anyone starts mining within minutes. All that’s needed is to click on the start mining button to download the miner.

The next step will require the user to enter a valid email account to keep track of all earnings on the platform’s dashboard. As long as the software keeps running, you keep earning.

At present, the mining software is available for both Windows and Mac operating system. The processing power of your computer determines how much profit can be made daily from mining cryptocurrencies via the software application. To boost earnings, it’s allowed to add a GPU to PC, scaling up it’s processing power. The Crypto Mining Calculator allows users to know the estimated amount of income they can earn in a specific period.

How Secure Is The Platform?

The system was designed, putting user security in mind. The platform uses the SSL encryption, which ensures that all information passed through the server remains protected and anonymous.

2-factor authentication also helps secure user accounts. Also, every line of code is checked in-house by security experts. Lastly, the majority of user asset are stored in cold storages where they are out of range for cyber attackers.

The Honeyminer Referral System 

 Apart from offering you’re an easier way to mine digital currencies, this platform provides another way to earn some BTC, and this is even easier than running the program on your computer. 

First, after setting up your Honeyminer account, you’ll be provided with an option to set up a referral link. This link can be shared on your social media networks or via email.

You earn a commission of what the platform earns when users sign up through your referral link. In fact, you earn 1,000 Satoshis when a new user signs up and installs the Honeyminer application. 

This doesn’t stop there. The referral system follows a tiered reward flow:

Honeyminer Tier 1 referrals- these are users who signed up and installed a Honeyminer account through your referral link. You stand a chance to earn 10% of the platform’s commission shares through these new users. 

Honeyminer Tier 2 referrals- if the individuals who joined through your referral link share their referral link, the individuals who sign up and install Honeyminer allow you to earn 5% of the platform’s commission shares. 

This s a very user-friendly and rewarding system. 

 How Much Can You Expect To Earn?

You can earn between $1-3 daily as per the current price of Bitcoin with one GPU. However, you can earn more with Hotel Honey program. 

Nonetheless, your earning rate depends on the power of your computer, specifically the graphics card (s), you are using. Computers built for gaming or newer PC’s bought in the last nine months will make the most. 

Also, old computers and laptops can mine, but not at the same levels as the newer ones. On the high end, newer computers can earn $1-3 per day per GPU. 

Cashing Out Of Mined Coins

The platform accepts any cryptocurrency wallets; cold/hardware storage, software wallet, and sending coins to exchanges like the Coinbase. Soon, it’ll integrate an option to withdraw earnings to Venmo.

Honeyminer’s Revenue 

 The platform earns by providing miners with its proprietary software and by taking a percentage of coins that get mined through your system. 

If you’re using 1 GPU, the fee is 8%, and 2 GPUs or more, the fee is 2.5%. 


This service isn’t a faucet platform where you have to accomplish specific tasks before earning; it’s real mining which cuts off the stress of the hard work of guessing/researching what coin would be profitable for mining and which isn’t.

For those who think they have lost the opportunity to earn from mining cryptocurrencies, then here is one of the best chances to take advantage of quickly.

Tokens mined are 100% withdrawable and can be sent to any exchange or cold wallet of your choice, which can then be exchanged for local currencies. For a person looking for a small extra income per day, HoneyMiner is one of the best alternatives to Nicehash or Minergate in 2019.

The team behind this platform does a great job creating a complicated process to tackle into a simple one. Isn’t this what all crypto enthusiasts aim for? By making the platform even more user-friendly and lucrative, it attracts more users, and as more people join, this opens more doors to the adoption of digital currencies!

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