Bitcoin Foundation co-founder Jon Matonis believes messaging payment service TransCrypt will be the next big step for cryptocurrencies

· 16 May 2018 in Cryptocurrency News, Home, Press Release
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Former executive-director and co-founder of the hugely influential Bitcoin Foundation has joined the team of crypto-payments provider TransCrypt, and will help guide the progression of the business.

TransCrypt offers a universal payment system, allowing users to send or receive payments via message in all major cryptocurrencies. With TransCrypt, users can carry out cryptocurrency transactions, convert currencies, purchase tokens and pay for services on all major devices. TransCrypt’s new payments system, which will be incorporated into major messaging services, will make cryptocurrency transactions easier and faster than current fiat payment methods and as simple as sending a message. Matonis sees the TransCrypt business model as a good solution towards to creating a greater circulation and movement of cryptocurrency.

Jon Matonis commented:

“TransCrypt are a fantastic example of how cryptocurrency is being used to reshape the world of payments. By offering a unique and user friendly means of payment via messaging, TransCrypt are able to fully draw out the benefits offered by not just one, but all major cryptocurrencies in the market. I am very pleased to be a part of the team and look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.”

Nick Machulis, CEO of TransCrypt, added:

“Having such a hugely influential figure in the crypto world join TransCrypt is an extremely exciting development for us. Matonis has extensive and in-depth TransCrypt provides a fully integrated messaging payments service. Crypto exchange rates are notoriously volatile and difficult to work around. Partnering with ShapeShift will allow TransCrypt to overcome these issues, which is a critical aspect of any crypto payments service.”

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