BitcoinHyip - Bitcoin HYIP - What It Is

Bitcoin HYIP – What It Is

Overview of HYIP

HYIP simply means High Yield Investment Program. These programs on their platforms promise outrageous interest as returns on investment and all they do is merely pay older investors with the money donated by new investors. The High Yield Investment Program favors the early birds, those who were fortunate to get on board the program in time.

Bitcoin High Yield Investment Program

As Bitcoin continues to gain ground, most high yield investment programs have also included Bitcoin as a mode of investment on their platform as they target a larger group of investors. Because of the worldwide adoption of Bitcoin, the high yield investment programs have now become cross-border investment programs as well. Meaning you don’t have to be a particular nationality or have to exchange your local currencies to whatever currency the platform supports. All that’s needed is to trade your local currency for Bitcoin on whatever exchange available in your country, and you’ll be able to participate on the HYIP platforms.

What You Should Know

Be reminded that these programs have life cycles and the early investors and the originators are likely to be the benefactors, leaving late investors at a loss. So we do not advice you put in all your life savings in this. Don’t invest more than you are willing to lose whether you invested early or late as you do not know for how long these programs have been running in most cases.

Here are some examples High Yield Investment Programs still running at the time of writing this article and we do not guarantee that they will be around for a long time: The BitWaves platform promises a profit between 4% to 7.1% return on investment on daily bases for a lifetime with as low as 0.005 BTC which is about $30 as at the time of writing. They also apparently state what the investment is used for on the homepage. The HashTraders platform requires a little bit more investment compared to BitWaves. The minimum investment is 0.01 BTC which is equivalent to about $60 at the time of writing. This investment capital guarantees you a 0.16% hourly or 3.16% daily. You also get up to 4.8% daily depending on your investment. Your investment has a duration of 90days in which you can re-invest if you so wish. HashTraders are coming out with their ICO in January, where they will give investors present on the platform their token as extra rewards. Owned by Biotechnology Research and Development Limited. You get as much as 2.8% daily return on investment for a lifetime. With as little as 0.001 BTC which is about $6, you are set for daily returns. The Laser Online platform gives the highest returns of 12% return on investment in 12 days. They have such a tremendous social media audience has a fan base is over 100k members on facebook and twitter. Minimum investment stands at $5 in BTC and any other cryptocurrency accepted on the platform.

Please note that investing in a Bitcoin HYIP is risky and you might not be paid. Therefore, it is recommended to enter with a low amount or found another type of investment suitable for you.

We do not recommend using any of the previous platforms neither a Bitcoin HYIP program, but its good to know what they are.

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