Bitcoin Mid-Year Target at $28,000 Still in the Play, Financial Analyst Says

· 20 Mar 2018 in Cryptocurrency News, Home
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Making a prediction is easy, right? But getting your prediction right is another thing.

For the past few months, Bitcoin has been the talk on every table rather negatively. The bitcoin price has stumbled to a current low of nearly $7,500 which makes it so worrying about the future.

However, Ronnie Moas has a very different perspective, and according to him, it is just a matter of time before things get back on track with bitcoin. 

He holds his target that by mid-2018 bitcoin will hit $28,000. It is a beautiful belief by Ronnie, but the current BTC price trend, makes his prediction a bit hard to even think about but then who knows?

 A right prediction by Ronnie?

Ronnie’s opinion on bitcoin price is a bit bullish in a way. Mid-2018 is just two and half months away, and still, the signs are against the prediction.

To get to $28,000, merely a lot has to change in this case for the better or else we miss out on Ronnie’s bitcoin price prediction.

However, there is some hope because it is not the first time it is happening to bitcoin. Every year we see the price stumble only to rebound even stronger. At this moment in time, that remains to be seen whether 2018 will follow the trend.

However, Ronnie is optimistic that the uptrend will emerge very soon and therefore, he is not concerned about the current happenings. Technical analysts are just putting-up significant sell signals to shake out those with weak hands (and stomach I’d say) in current future, he believes.

The crucial three months

Yes, only three months at max, are remaining for Bitcoin to make a huge jump from below $10,000 to $28,000 price if Ronnie’s prediction has to become real. The top-rated financial analysts stated via a tweet that the price of bitcoin is being manipulated and he thinks the technical analysts are just but tricking people.

According to his tweet, he is confident that many will regret being shaken out and it seems more bitcoins are in his stock (he seems to be purchasing as much as he can), indicating more money in the coming weeks with bitcoin.

For bitcoin, the best has not yet arrived, but all the same Ronnie Moas is simply enjoying the show. Neither of us will mind a bitcoin at $28,000 in mid-year, but for now, it is at a very crucial pivot. All that remains of us is to watch as it is just a few months away until Ronnie Moas’ prediction comes true or just speculation after all.

Until then we are all eyes as the bitcoin story continues.

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