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Bitcoin Services – A New Blockchain Business Type

With the Bitcoin gaining so much popularity, a new way of purchasing good online was born. Instead of using the classic PayPal or Credit Card options – the payment using Bitcoin is available to the public. And since the cryptocurrency industry is just starting, this type of business will surely bring a profit in the future.

One of them is It’s a new type of service launched in the cryptocurrency industry which relies on Bitcoin only. Basically, they want to use the Bitcoin to purchase any Bitcoin legal goods for you, even if the business itself doesn’t accept Bitcoin. Let’s say you want to buy a plane ticket using Bitcoin: there aren’t companies that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Instead, they will use your Bitcoin and exchange it while also buying the plane ticket for you. The service its based on a prepayment while also launching an invoice for the goods you want to purchase. If you want to purchase a new TV with certain specification for your home – they will find you the best offer, add a commission and let you pay using Bitcoin.

Besides this, you don’t even pay the sales tax. If you’re an importer and several businesses don’t ship to your country : You can easy use MySivana, pay with Bitcoin and stop worrying. They will receive the package, repackage it and send it to your country. They would like to become a one-stop-shop for any Bitcoin owner while also finding the best prices.

This type of business is a new thing in industry. If it’s done properly, it could help you protect your privacy while also buying certain things that you don’t want the goverment to find about – however, they must be legal. Mysivana is a new business so proceed with caution and be sure to contact  them first.

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