Bitcoin meets Swiss Watches 800x500 - Bitcoin Watches - The latest trend in Crypto Fashion

Bitcoin Watches – The latest trend in Crypto Fashion

We all know that a watch is one of the few  jewellery a man can wear. A watch not only gives you a classieest look but also say a few words about who you are. If you’re a Bitcoin enthusiast like me, you probably wanted a watch with the Bitcoin logo or the Ethereum one.

But your problem has now a solution. BitcoinWatch is a new shop where you can purchase different watches about your favorite cryptocurrencies. Right now, the shop has two cryptocurrencies available : Bitcoin and Ethereum with some great looking watches.  The price range is between $260 for a simple one and $3,700 for an Automatic Sapphire crystal one.

Created by the young watchmaker Bernecker Uhrenwerke, a subsidiary of BridgeWard AG from Rüthi in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley, the watches are a perfect mix of your favorite cryptocurrency with the well-made Swiss watch.

“The Bitcoin Watch” has actually two collections, each having 4 models available. There’s the Quartz collection, with Quartz movements created by the Swiss company Ronda or the luxury version – with a 39 Caliber automatic movement crafted by the Eterna Swiss Watchmakers. A quartz one costs  between $260 and $290 while an automatic one stats from $3,350.

The good news is : you can get them cheaper from their kickstarter campaign. Yes, for a limited period of time people would be able to buy the anything from the Quartz collection  at price of just 229 euro – only 500 watches available – and anything from the Automatic collection at an astonishing lowered price of 2290 euro – only 250 models. What’s also incredible is that the watches have a lifetime guarantee for the movement and other components, proving the established Swiss reputation for creating masterpieces.

The owners are sure that this business will launch a trend and in the short future there will be watches with any cryptocurrency available. If you want to be a part of it, buy it while you can from their kickstarter campaign or their website.


Bitcoin Watch is a trademark of Bernecker Uhrenwerke, Bridgeward AG, Switzerland.

Bernecker Uhren Werke/Bridgeward AG

Feffetstr. 14

Rüthi 9464

Phone +41 76 723 7148


[email protected]

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