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BitLaunch Introduces a New Private Payment System Called BLPay

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VPS provider BitLaunch has released a new private payment system called BLPay. The launch coincided with Bitcoin’s 12th birthday and will allow users to have a more private and intuitive experience while handling their crypto funds. 

BitLaunch Introduces BLPay

BitLaunch has announced its new privacy-focused and intuitive payment system for cryptocurrencies. As one of the first adopters of the Lightning Network (LN), BitLaunch decided to leverage their experience building Bitcoin and crypto solutions to offer better payment services for users. 

The new BLPay solution is now offering support for several cryptocurrencies. Users can handle Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH). At the same time, BitLaunch informed users of their hopes to add new digital assets in the future. 

The reason behind this new BLPay payment service was to offer a new option to users to launch a VPS in a privacy-sensitive way. Nowadays, BitLaunch offers a clear guide on how to deploy a personal Algo VPN server in an anonymous way. 

Several VPS companies are currently asking users to provide private information such as date of birth, credit card information and address. This is why BitLaunch decided to create something that would give individuals a private solution without compromising on quality. 

BitLaunch Pay makes it very safe for users to handle payments. They can be sure there is no middle-man for the ecosystem. Customers will also enjoy reduced fees. That means that the benefits are not limited to just the user but also to clients. 

That’s Not All

There are more benefits related to the new BLPay service introduced by BitLaunch. By having its own payment system, they are also able to offer new solutions and integrate systems that would not be able otherwise. 

BTC deposits can be processed with zero confirmations. Meanwhile, with other chains such as Litecoin and Ethereum, BitLaunch requires fewer on-chain confirmations. This provides increased speeds to clients and users and an innovative way to handle crypto payments. 

Additionally, they are also able to improve their compatibility for Tor and other privacy-based browsers. Users can protect their identities and they will not be penalized. 

Finally, BLPay has also been built having in mind UI and usability. This makes it easier and simpler for users to have access to their payments. Users will be able to select the currency, open invoices in the application and pay with it. Everything remains fast, easy and streamlined. 

BitLaunch has been offering servers such as Vultr, DigitalOcean and Linode. They are an established company in the market and have been working for several years now. With the new BitLaunch payment solution, users will have a certainly improved way of handling payments and funds. 

Table of Contents


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