BitMEX Starts The New Year With A $100k Giveaway To Cardano Traders

BitMEX is a trading platform owned by HDR Global Trading limited based in Hong Kong, China. They offer cryptocurrency margin trading for the International market.

Margin trading allows people to trade cryptocurrencies without actually having them. They profit from the price movements. In margin trading, you are allowed to buy more than you ordinarily would afford as your broker (BitMex) can borrow you some money to purchase substantial trading contracts, just having to deposit a small percentage of the total cost.

Verification on BitMex is simple, all you need to is verify your email address. There are no limits on trading, funding, and withdrawals as long as your email address entered at registration has been confirmed.

BitMex celebrates the New Year with a giveaway of $100,000. To win the grand prize of $50,000, participants who are to be registered members of the BitMex platform are to trade the new Cardano contract on the BitMex exchange platform. It doesn’t matter how much time you trade; five lucky winners would be selected to win a $5,000 price if they traded at least once during the competition.

The competition starts on Monday the 8th of January, 2018 at 08:00 UTC and ends on Monday the  15th of January 2018.

The $50,000 grand prize goes to the trader who trades the most massive volume of the Cardano contract on the BitMex platform.

$25,000 goes to the trader who emerges the one with the highest profit from trading the Cardanocontract on the platform.

There’ll be a draw at the end to pick five lucky winners who had made a trade on the Cardano contract at least once during the competition. These five winners get $5,000 each.

To participate, participants should signup by clicking here.

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