BitRewards Announces Strategic Partnership With TUI and GoPro

· 12 Apr 2018 in Cryptocurrency News, Home, Press Release
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BitRewards, the blockchain reward and loyalty system has decided to announce a strategic partnership with three important enterprises: TUI Group and Go Pro. In this way, BitRewards keeps expanding its business.

TUI Group

One of the enterprises that will work with BitRewads is TUI Group. In the past it was called Thomson Holidays in the United Kingdom, and TUI AG in Germany. TUI Group is a travel conglomerate that works in several countries and with six airlines, 300 hotels and resorts, and cruise ships. At the same time, it has over 67,000 employees, and €18.5 billion in revenues.

TUI Group is interested in integrating the blockchain-based loyalty rewards scheme provided by BitRewards on a pilot basis. The intention is to let their customers gift their families and friends amazing discounts and bonuses on holidays.

In this way, BitReards’ team is working very closely with TUI Group in order to deliver the rewards platform that their customers are asking for.



Another important company that is famous all over the world is GoPro. BitRewatds team is working side by side with GoProde in order to offer a great loyalty scheme for the enterprise. As a client of GIFTD, GoPro, wants to integrate its business with a crypto-reward option into its loyalty program.

GIFTD motivational marketing and rewards platform has been generating great results for GoPro since some time. With GoPro, BitRewards will be testing Artificial Intelligence Reccommendations system that will ensure consumers and brands benefit from the recommendations the system generates.

Alexander Egorov, CEO of BitRewards and the parent company GIFTD commented:

“We are very happy to announce these strategic corporate partnerships. It is a sign that these forward-thinking brands are keen to provide a blockchain-based solution for customers and that, we with over five years experience and hundreds of e-commerce clients, have the solution that will ensure they take a leap forward and continue to serve their customers in a way that meets market needs.”

BitRewards is also working with other companies so as to expand the business and they will soon be announced.


BitRewards is a secure and competitive loyalty ecosystem that has received “Positive” Investment Rating from ICORating, and 4.5/5 points from ICOBench for a well-designed business model.

As of today, over 500 online stores are already using GIFTD – a company that has been going over 5 years, that has a team of 20 people. The company will be transferred and welcomed to the BitRewards platform. Investors in GIFTD have all experienced an important ROI compared to traditional loyalty reward schemes.

At the moment, BitRewards has finished its pre-sale and has successfully closed a soft cap of $3,000,000. Contributors are welcomed to join the Whitelist to participate in the third round of the token sale that started on April the 9th.

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