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BlackRock and Valkyrie Gear Up for Bitcoin ETF with Top Financial Partners

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Selecting Authorized Participants for Bitcoin ETF

BlackRock and Valkyrie, two prominent applicants vying for the approval of their respective spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), have disclosed their chosen authorized participants (APs). BlackRock is set to partner with J.P. Morgan and quantitative trading firm Jane Street to facilitate the acquisition of Bitcoin for its proposed ETF. Similarly, Valkyrie is collaborating with Jane Street and Cantor Fitzgerald as APs. The role of an AP is crucial in the ETF ecosystem, especially for products like a Bitcoin ETF, where the APs are responsible for creating and redeeming ETF shares in exchange for the underlying asset, in this case, Bitcoin.

Industry Surprised by J.P. Morgan’s Involvement

The announcement that J.P. Morgan, led by CEO Jamie Dimon, known for his critical view of cryptocurrencies, will act as an authorized participant for BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF has raised eyebrows across the industry. This development is particularly striking given Dimon’s recent remarks about banning crypto and his opposition to the asset class. Nonetheless, the involvement of such a major financial institution signals a growing recognition of Bitcoin’s potential within the traditional financial sector and could be indicative of broader institutional acceptance.

A Pivotal Moment for Bitcoin and the ETF Market

As the deadline for the SEC to decide on the spot Bitcoin ETFs, BlackRock and Valkyrie’s announcement of authorized participants marks a significant moment in the push for cryptocurrency integration into mainstream finance. The choice of partners like J.P. Morgan and Jane Street reflects the seriousness and legitimacy of these applications. Whether or not the SEC approves these Bitcoin ETFs, the involvement of prominent financial firms in these applications represents a shift in attitude towards Bitcoin. It could pave the way for further institutional involvement in the cryptocurrency space.

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