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Blockchain casino FairPlay guarantees big wins through the smart contracts

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FairPlay, a licensed casino with the Honesty Control based on blockchain, accepts deposits in ten different cryptocurrencies and publishes all gaming stats to the smart contracts. It secures all transactions and makes it possible to know the real payout rate in every game.

FairPlay is a licensed blockchain casino that publishes and stores all gaming stats in the smart contracts. The stats are publicly available and any transaction can be verified through a blockchain explorer. To avoid the hassle for players, FairPlay publishes the payout percentage on the website. The rate is based on the sum of bets and wins.

FairPlay operates on the blockchain platform TruePlay to offer a transparent and honest business for all members of the market: players, affiliates, game providers. Users can check the sum of bets, wins, and losses, while affiliate partners can track their revenue shares.

With crypto, FairPlay lets players make deposits by simply transferring assets to a crypto wallet. The whole thing takes up to several minutes. Players can make deposits and withdraw winnings in ten different currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Tether, Cardano, Tron, Dash, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash. According to CoinMarketCap, all these coins have the biggest market cap and trading volume.

In all games on FairPlay, bets are available in TPLAY tokens. TPLAY is an ERC-20 token released by TruePlay platform as a secure token for gaming transactions that can be easily saved and tracked in the blockchain. Once players make a deposit in crypto, FairPlay automatically converts it to TPLAY tokens, where 1 ETH equals 1000 TLPAY tokens. When a withdrawal is requested, FairPlay converts TPLAY tokens back to BTC, ETH, etc. and transfer the funds to players’ crypto wallets.

It should be mentioned that deposits in Bitcoin and Ethereum have no limits, but newly added coins require a minimum sum to be transferred. For instance, Cardano’s limit is 490 ADA, Tether is 40 USDT, etc.

Recently the blockchain casino has announced that one of the players won about 58 ETH, which can be proved with relevant transactions in the smart contract. Also, the casino’s balance is always available to check in the blockchain. At the moment it is around 3732 ETH, equal to almost $1 mln.

FairPlay is becoming the top blockchain casino in the CIS region and going to move forward to win the rest of the market. The most valuable feature FairPlay offers is that all gaming stats are published in the blockchain and available at any moment.

About FairPlay:

FairPlay is a blockchain casino that publishes all gaming stats to the smart contract and guarantees fair games and transparent payouts. FairPlay accepts deposits only in cryptocurrency and provides games of the world’s top publishers: Microgaming, Playson, BetSoft, iSoftBet, and more.

Press contact:

Amy Marshall

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Table of Contents


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