swiss - Blockchain Company Finom Adds Ether to its Stock Capital

Blockchain Company Finom Adds Ether to its Stock Capital

More enterprises and companies are moving from traditional stock market investments to the cryptocurrency market. Finom AG, is a blockchain enterprise based in Switzerland that has decided to increase its stock capital by 7,760 Ether (ETH). This is the first time that a cryptocurrency has been pledged as an asset in stock capital in the Apenzell-Ausserrhoden canton in Switzerland.

Finom Bringing Blockchain to the Masses

Finom has booked an Ethereum wallet with 7,760 ETH as a non material asset of the company. The Stock capital allows businesses to be funded with money contributed by stockholders. The stock capital of the company has grown from 0.1 to 2.5 million CHF. That amount of capital is much bigger than the one of JSC LukOil and than that of X5 Retail Group.

“At Finom, we are interested in bringing blockchain to the masses and legitimizing cryptocurrency as a form of stock capital in an innovative manner,” said Denis Suslov, Chief Financial Officer at Finom. “This alternative stock capital is fully compliant with current tax legislation. An independent auditor registers the value of the assets in the wallet under the company’s control in fiat equivalent according to the current exchange rate. This, cryptocurrency contributes to the stock capital.”

What is Finom?

Finom has been created out of five cryptocurrency companies, including: Nanopool, TabTrader, Cryptonit Exchange, Cryptal mining centre and These enterprises provide access to all major exchanges, and to one of the largest mining pool of Ethereum. Finom allows individuals to have access to the world of finance by providing a blockchain ecosystem whit a single point of entry.

At the moment, Finom is selling its tokens that will represent a share in working businesses with voting and dividend rights. One is called FIN and the other NOM. With these tokens you would be able to receive dividends from net earning formed by a commission payment within the ecosystem, and get profit by trading NOM tokens on the largest exchanges.