blockpic1 - Blockchain Disembarking at the Best US Business Schools

Blockchain Disembarking at the Best US Business Schools

Blockchain is enlarging the possibilities of students. Business schools in the United States will offer courses about Blockchain technology.

Haas School of Business at University California at Berkley will start to offer blockchain software related courses. “We believe that blockchain will have the biggest impact on contracting, logistics and supply chains, healthcare, public administration, assets clearing, property and transactions,” said Haas school lecturer Greg LaBlanc and reported by Agence France Press.

Blockchain Technology is Growing

Lots of students are starting to be interested in blockchain. Universities are competing with each other to offer the best courses and attract as many students as possible. At present, the demand for experts in this field is growing, that is the reason why, more and more enterprises and companies are requiring Blockchain specialists.

Professor Dan Boneh said that “more than 1 million people have signed up for an online cryptography class where he teaches through the website Coursera,” reported CNBC.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies interest is growing around the world. Educational Institutions must give an answer to the big demand that grows more and more. Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are not the only topics to which blockchain technology could be applied. Health care, finance and government are also investing in this technology.

But these are not the first Blockchain courses that are held in the world. Some time ago, UseTheBitcoin reported how Dubai Government is backing the first Blockchain Developer Training Program. “Seamlessly bring your company into the Ethereum ecosystem. ConsenSys Academy provides immersive 2-5 day training sessions for technical and non-technical stakeholders customized to your organization,” reads ConsenSys webpage, the Academy that is in charge of the program.