Faceter - Blockchain project Faceter is getting ready to launch the beta version of its platform on the market

Blockchain project Faceter is getting ready to launch the beta version of its platform on the market

In March, blockchain project Faceter raised $10 mln. in 20 seconds of the pre-sale while the total amount of investment raised is $28 mln. The listing of FACE token on exchanges is scheduled for this month. The project community decided by voting when it was the best time for FACE freewheeling. Although many members of the community advocated for as early listing as possible, the majority voted for May as in this time the project team managed to make the full distribution of tokens, burn the free tokens and solve organizational issues.

Along with launching the project on the cryptocurrency market, Faceter team started to actively prepare for the market release of the beta-version of the blockchain video surveillance platform. Earlier in 2017, the alfa-version for B2B users was launched and as of today, it has been tested by several large companies from SAR.

Let us recall that Faceter is the intellectual blockchain-based software for face recognition and analysis of the video stream from video surveillance cameras. It is expected that the future clients of the company will be not only state and commercial enterprises but also the general public. Moreover, the company will launch a special app, to which a user will be able to connect  his camera. Worth mentioning that in the future Faceter system may be used not only to improve video surveillance capabilities and enhance safety but also in the professional environment, for example, for networking or in the social sphere to facilitate connections among people, for instance.

For more details about the project, please refer to the official website of Faceter https://tokensale.faceter.io/en/ or Twitter account https://twitter.com/FaceterOfficial.

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