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Blockchain Technology to Track Scientific Investigations Published

Blockchain, the technology created to power Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been growing exponentially in 2017. The multiple uses that society can give to Blockchain are almost infinite. The technology allows for decentralization. That means that central authorities like banks or governments can be avoided using blockchain. Besides that, the technology is able keep registered what has been done.

That is why scholars would be able to publish articles knowing that it will be recorded in the blockchain. Other authors that are interested in a specific field will be able to easily find whether a topic has been discussed before and will have available more information for their studies.

Science Moves Towards Blockchain

According to a report written by Joris Van Rossum about the potential use of blockchain in research activities, he realized that the term was ‘overhyped.’

The report reads as follows:

“This report zooms in on the potential of blockchain to transform scholarly communication and research in general. The report shows that blockchain technology has the potential to solve some of the most prominent issues currently facing scholarly communication, such as those around costs, openness, and universal accessibility to scientific information.”

This technology would be able to create a unified and transparent database that tracks the most important parts of the scientific process. In this way, data will be more difficult to be falsified and would allow scientist to replicate results in an easier way.

At the moment there is no standard process for quoting and editing. At the moment, researchers, publishers and organizations track the impact of articles and investigations using different tools and software. The result may be varied and different depending the tools used to understand the use of these articles.

According to Sönke Bartling, the founder of the Berlin-based think tank Blockchain for Science, with a blockchain record of scientific data will be much harder to fake the dataset. In this way, results and studies will be more accurate. No enterprise, government or person would be able to manipulate the results and information according to their intentions.

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