BlockchainPRBuzz Acquires Blockaim

· 18 May 2018 in Crypto News, Home, Press Release
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It has been rightly declared that Blockchain Technology will usher in a massive industrial revolution. The foremost businesses of the world are embracing Blockchain Technology as a state-of-the-art tool that will drive innovation and stand out in competitiveness. BlockchainPRBuzz provides unique and innovative assistance to start-up businesses by helping it carve recognition in the global market and gain a mass reputation amongst the major stakeholder. BlockchainPRBuzz specializes in growth hacking and aiming for effective audience throughout the process of Initial Coin Offering which is highly essential for successful crowdfunding.

BlockchainPRBuzz acquired Blockaim, which is a PR and a marketing agency for ICOs, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The amount of acquirement is yet undisclosed. The takeover took place officially on the 22nd of April, 2018. The deal of acquirement is that BlockchainPRBuzz will complete all the ongoing projects of Blockaim. BlockchainPRBuzz announced that both the entities will work independently even after the takeover owing to the fact that both of them work on different business models.

The business community that consists of current customers, target audience and people who directly and indirectly interact with the brand. The strategy of the joint scheme of BlockchainPRBuzz and Blockaim is to supplement direct marketing and efforts of advertising to enhance the rank of the website in Google so that people can effectively find the business.

Services Provided by the Joint Scheme of BlockchainPRBuzz and Blockaim:

The services provided by Blockaim to different companies deal with core and secondary issues faced in establishing brand name through sufficient marketing and development of products.

The product is catalyzed to make it available to the major stakeholders on the basis of ICO token listing obtained from authentic listing websites. The team of analysts at Blockaim provides detailed assessments of ICOs along with their market performance review to enable the company to make a significant improvement in the product.

The common pool difficulty refers to the economic issue which comes into existence when rival parties are given access to the same resources which are ICO communities in this case like Slack, telegram, Bitcointalk and etc. Blockaim manages all these communities to tackle the issue of common pool problem and maximize the company output and productivity.

Blockaim focuses on content marketing by making the company popular in the social media network in order to raise awareness among the consumers of the content.

The best kind of marketing is driven by the constantly active user communities consisting of altcoin users and traders interacting over Reddit, Bounty and

Analysis of market sentiment is highly essential for the enhancement of the company’s stature in the community of crypto currency. This analysis is performed by Blockaim through periodic researches amongst active cryptocurrency shareholders over the internet.

One of the most interesting ways to make things go viral over the internet is Vlogging. The team of innovative video bloggers at Blockaim makes good use of current news, creative content and unique visions to create richly appealing videos that are assessed by Blockchain experts before being released on the public network.

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