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Blocklords: Overview and Review

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For blockchain game players who are into world-building and grand strategies, Blocklords is the perfect game for you. The players can choose to live a simple life, strive to be the all-powerful Ruler, or be a battle-hungry Raider; either way, you are free to forge your own path.

What Makes Blocklords Unique?

Blocklords is a player-driven blockchain game that allows its players to narrate and shape the world that they live in. You can choose your hero, train your armies, and engage in tasks such as farming and ruling to improve your world. It was developed by MetaKing Studios in 2020 and is currently in the works of releasing this massive multiplayer game.

This article will teach you everything you need to learn about Blocklords, including insights on how you can become a pro at this game. And since it’s an NFT game, consider checking out our comprehensive guide on what is an NFT? and how to make an NFT from scratch to boost your knowledge on this emerging phenomenon.

What Type of Game are Blocklords?

This blockchain game is the first of its kind AAA Web3 game that offers cinematic episodes with iconic characters and epic battles.

Blocklords is a grand strategy game developed by MetaKing Studios in 2020. It is an immersive multiplayer blockchain game set in the medieval timeline where people mostly go on battles for rulership or farm their resources. As a character in medieval times, you can participate in exciting playstyles, and your decisions and skills will impact the economy in-game.

Whatever you choose to do within the game is purely up to you. You have the freedom to shape and expand your world of Blocklords to reach the highest level and earn more rewards as you go. Blocklords is a genre-defining game with interesting lore, heroes, and medieval drama that you will never get bored of.

The idea behind Blocklords is that you can create your own story. Your role as a medieval character gives you a choice on how to rule your land and, eventually, shape the history of the world.

About the Developers

Blocklords is the first game developed by MetaKing Studios, founded by David Johansson and Nicky Li. They consider this game a revolutionary in the industry since it combines the best elements of Crusader Kings, Total Wars, and Age of Empires supported by Web3. 

Web3 is a decentralized worldwide web that incorporates token-based economics and blockchain technology. Developers believe it is the internet’s future since it does not need third-party websites to run. 

MetaKing Studios’ team are gamers who love creating memorable experiences with friends and other players. Even though they started as a small team of dedicated and dynamic developers, they have succeeded in the blockchain gaming industry. As of today, they have over 100 members in their team based in 8 different countries all over the world.


The team recognizes the most common problem in the Web3 gaming community regarding asset distribution, core game loops, and token comic structures. That is why their goal is to use the technology developed by Seascape Network in running Blocklords to allow the players to experience a blockchain game that is the first of its kind. 

Partners Of Blocklords

Partners of Blocklords and MetaKing Studios include:


Development Of Blocklords Storyline And Lore

In this game, you can acquire legendary heroes that existed in medieval times. This can be a Knight, Farmer, King or Queen, Lords or Ladies, or Raiders. Each Hero will have a unique background and set of skills that you can use to develop your land. These skills and traits can also be passed on to their descendants.

If you are familiar with Game of Thrones, you will not have a hard time understanding the storyline of this game. The lore behind it is being developed by Steve Ince and an award-winning writing team (The Witcher and Assassins of Kings, anyone?). Paul Irwin, Alison Norrington, and Brodie Cambert are also part of the creative process of Blocklords. They are known in their fields as founders and directors of successful series in pop culture.

Blocklords Gameplay

Blocklords has centered its gameplay on four core elements; Farming, Fighting, Ruling, and Conquering. You aim to create a prosperous medieval nation by going through the ranks and becoming a conqueror.



Farming is where everyone starts. Humble beginnings so that one may understand the foundations of their nation. As a farmer, you are responsible for the essential needs of a country. Without you, the nation cannot sustain itself.

Before starting, you must choose a region from the world map. A Lord/Lady controls each region. You must then pick a farm you want to start in. You are now a farmer, and you are now able to carry out your duties.

The duties of a farmer are plentiful. Planting crops and harvesting them, as well as farm animals. It also includes gathering resources that can be used to craft houses and other valuable items. You could also recruit Heroes to join you in your cause and rent farmers from other players to make your farm more productive.



After gathering plenty of resources, you are given the option to leave your farm behind and start an army. Two paths will be opened to you, continue your life as a Raider or a Knight. This will become an important choice for you, as raiders and knights have very different roles.

Raiders swear no loyalty to anyone. They are free to attack any farmers and pillage them. This is a risk as you will fight against knights, and you most likely will be outnumbered, but with the right strategy, this will bring many profits. You only have a limited time to steal, so cunning and thorough planning is essential.

Knights work under a Lord/Lady. They have a fixed salary and set duties. A knight must defend farmers and villages and kill opportunistic raiders. Killing raiders rewards you with a bounty, and saving up enough will allow you to move up and claim a new role.



If you have done well as a knight and have saved up to claim a new role, you can become a Lord or a Lady. As Lord/Lady, you have control over your region and get a cut of the profits for all the activities within your area.

Lords also have the duty of collecting taxes and resources from farmers, rewarding and giving salaries to knights, and managing infrastructure. Farmers may be other players, and you can also order from them.



After ruling your region well and prospering, you may have the opportunity to become a King or Queen. Kings and Queens are the pinnacles of civilization and control entire nations, the largest denominator of land one can have.

As a conqueror of your nation, you have the freedom to choose how to rule your nation. You may be a cruel king, using fear against your enemies and your people, or you may be diplomatic and be kind to your people, offering them your generosity and letting them thrive freely.

Sometimes, even as a diplomat, war is inevitable. War is risky; your Heroes will be put at risk, land may be lost, farms burned, and buildings destroyed. As a conqueror, you must do whatever it takes to keep your nation alive.


Heroes are the NFTs of Blocklords, and they are unique. They have their unique stats, and unless you already own one, they are randomly generated on creation. You can evolve your heroes and determine the path for them.


Your Heroes can give birth, they can have descendants, and you can create your dynasty. The Dynasty system of Blocklords allows you to pass on the traits of your Heroes, and their descendants will also belong to you as NFTs. These descendants may have the paths in life that you decide.

Blocklords Tokenomics And Monetization

Players should keep an eye on the decentralized financing of Blocklords since Liquidity Mining will be their first step. Liquidity Mining of Seascape Network, called Decentralized Finance (DeFi), means that the tokens within the Blocklords game can be used to incentivize and reward the users for executing trades.

Players can also exchange their crypto assets for a token in-game. There will also be tokens deposited into the liquidity pool and minted, and the users who have contributed to the pool will have inherent benefits like receiving trading fees. Seascape believes that liquidity mining is the way to gamify the experience of Blocklords players.

The integration of Web3 will come as the monetization process of the game. This allows the players to enjoy the game as it is full but, at the same time, still own their skill sets and assets as they play.

MetaKing Studios has confirmed that their NFTs will be hosted on the ImmutableX Ethereum chain, which is also used for another famous blockchain game, Gods Unchained. However, Blocklords is unique because they will introduce new token mechanics, including feeding and taxing, to earn more assets. This will be another great way to earn aside from just using the native tokens in-game.

What Is The Use-Case Of Blocklords?

Blocklords is the first massive multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game designed by gamers for their fellow gamers. This player-driven game ecosystem is created for people to come together and make the world’s best strategy game that is fun, vibrant, and sustainable.

Release Date

Blocklords is being released by phase, and phase 8 will be the released in 2023. These phases will help the players establish the lineage of their heroes and claim their legacy while the game’s core systems are still yet to be released. 


Last year, Seascape Network announced its plan to release a mobile version of Blocklords. If you are planning for a pre-registration, you can visit their website. You will also get a free hero when you sign up during their early access period. You can also watch the game trailer if you want to see how the game looks.

Later this year, you can claim your free Hero, read their backstory, and view their special traits. You will also be able to explore the game’s mechanics and resource management. To learn more about the development of Blocklords, you can follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Discord for updates directly from MetaKing Studios.

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