Bounty0x – A Decentralized Bounty Hunting Network

· 16 Jan 2018 in Crypto News, Home

Bounty0x is a decentralized bounty hunting network that brings bounty hunting to the next level. The platform hosts several bounty hunting campaigns in which bounty hunters can collaborate doing different tasks proposed.

The main problem of the bounty hunting campaigns is that they are time consuming, inefficient and expensive. With Bounty0x, these problems get solved with a powerful and decentralized bounty hunting network. ICOs are able to use the Bounty0x platform in order to have contact with thousands of experienced bounty hunters that are seriously interested in performing several tasks.

How Does the Platform Work?

First, the bounty hunters (ICOs) post their campaigns in the bounty0x platform. Second, bounty hunters perform the requested tasks. Third, the Bounty sheriffs control that the tasks performed are correct and in order. Once that the bounties are completed, the users are able to receive their corresponding payments with the BNTY token.

BNTY token

There will be 500,000,000 bounty0x tokens (BNTY) minted in the genesis contract.

The BNTY token will be used to perform different things in the platform:

  • Bounty Hunters will need to stake BNTY so as to participate in the ‘Super Bounties’. It is important for the submission to be reviewed before. If there is a bug, then the Bounty Hunter will lose part of the staked tokens.
  • Bounty Sheriffs need to stake BNTY if they want to review bounties. If they are performed incorrectly, they will lose part of their tokens. If performed correctly, then they may gain more BNTY.
  • Bounty Hosts will be able to purchase BNTY if they want to unlock additional premium features in the platform.

Players in the Platform

The platform will have three main players on it:

  1. Bounty Hosts: this is the party in charge of setting up a bounty task and a reward for the completion of each of the tasks. The platform can be used by governments, enterprises, or companies. Once the bounty is completed, the Bounty Sheriff will confirm the accuracy of the bounty task.
  2. Bounty Hunters: these hunters can participate in any bounty they wish. They can search in the platform for any bounty they would like to participate in and will be rewarded once the task is performed. Bounty0x has a reputation system that will allow Bounty Hunters to receive a reputation for completing each task.
  3. Bounty Sheriffs: the sheriffs will control that the tasks have been successfully completed before distributing the payment. Anyone will be able to purchase BNTY tokens on the open market, and stake their BNTY coins in order to earn a badge and become a Bounty Sheriff.

Reddit Campaign Gives Free BNTY

A Reddit user named pleasesendfood has decided to donate 10,00 BNTY to 10 users.

“Being a software engineer, I strongly believe in doing A LOT of research before truly investing in a novel project,” he wrote. “Being fortunate enough to get in this project really early I am relly excited and grateful to be able to give back to the community.”

To this campaign, the co-founder of Bounty0x, Deniz, has decided to donate 10K BNTY more. At the same time, another user has commented that he will join Deniz and pleasesendfood and donate other 10,000 BNTY.

Other users have also decided to donate other sums to the initial 10,000 BNTY proposed and now, there are around 31,000 BNTY to be redistributed among the users that post a comment to the post.


Bounty0x offers a good solution to the bounty campaigns that now are difficult to carry on. The platform has the possibility to become the future bounty platform in which ICOs, enterprises, governments and individuals upload their bounty campaigns. The BNTY has also an important community supporting it and the future could bring important profits to its holders.

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