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BRZ Is Now Integrated with RSK Leveraging Bitcoin’s Security

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g This would allow the BRZ digital currency to execute Ethereum (ETH) smart contracts but get access to the ultimate security for its clients. 

With the new integration with RSK, BRZ users will now have better services than in the past. They will be able to reduce their transaction costs by almost 2,000%. This comes at a moment in which the Ethereum blockchain is congested due to the NFT craziness from recent months. 

Furthermore, one of the key attributes of the RSK network is related to its security. Thanks to merged mining with the Bitcoin network, RSK is the most secure smart contract platform in the world. 

With this new integration to the RSK network, the BRZ token would now be implemented in a wide range of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. At the same time, the large number of projects developed on the RSK network would also be able to leverage the BRZ virtual currency. 

One of the most promising projects on RSK includes RSKSwap and Money on Chain. Other types of services linked to oracles (Chainlink) or stablecoins have already been launched on top of RSK. BRZ is just another player that decided to integrate its services into the RSK ecosystem, which is growing every single day. 

Ethereum developers that would like to engage with the BRZ cryptocurrency can now move to RSK and start deploying their smart contracts on this network. RSK has built a bridge in order for developers to be able to operate in both networks without having to be worried about the programming language, thus, increasing interoperability in the crypto market. 

What is BRZ?

BRZ is known for being the Brazilian real stablecoin. As we know about other stablecoins backed by US dollars or Euros, there are digital assets that are backed by other fiat currencies. In this case, BRZ is backed by the leading Brazilian real, one of the largest fiat currencies in the world and the largest in Latin America. 

This virtual currency is available on a wide range of platforms and it properly works as a bridge between local investors, the blockchain market and the decentralized finance (DeFi) market. Rather than depending on foreign currency stablecoins, investors can use a digital asset that is backed by the Brazilian real. 

Table of Contents


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