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Buy Bitcoin With Prepaid Card

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We already know there are many different ways to buy Bitcoin. But… can we buy Bitcoin with prepaid card?

Users are searching for a wide range of ways to get access to Bitcoin. One of the best ways to do so is with bitcoin prepaid cards. 

In this complete guide, we are going to share with you how to buy Bitcoin with prepaid card. You will also learn whether you are able to buy bitcoin with prepaid visa gift card, the advantages and disadvantages of this method and whether this is a safe way to acquire BTC.

What are Prepaid Cards?

Prepaid cards are a great way to buy goods and services. The difference this time is that you will be paying with a card rather than with cash. Prepaid cards work in a similar way to debit cards or credit cards.

You can buy a prepaid card already loaded or you can buy an empty card and load funds. The benefits of these prepaid cards are that you do not need to have a bank account to use them. They are not linked to your financial data. Thus, you can start using them to purchase several things. 

Of course, you can buy bitcoin with prepaid visa gift card or any other prepaid card currently available. There are different prepaid cards. Each of them will work in a different way and offer you different solutions. Nonetheless, they will still offer you the standard solutions of a prepaid card. 

Users tend to receive prepaid cards for Christmas, birthdays and special occasions. However, some people do not know what to do with them after they receive this special gift. One of the things that they will allow you to do is to buy Bitcoin. 

An ING Maestro Prepaid Card in a grey background

Understanding how a prepaid card works is the first step to buy Bitcoin with prepaid card. The next thing we need to know is how to do so and which are the issues we might encounter along the way.

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How to Buy Bitcoin With Prepaid Card?

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the world. In recent years, its fame allowed it to attract a large number of users and investors. With this in mind, we now need to know where to buy it. By far, the most popular way to acquire Bitcoin is using a cryptocurrency exchange. They are easy to use, user-friendly and they are also offering other solutions to users. 

Nonetheless, in order to deposit funds in these platforms, you need a bank transfer or using a debit or credit card. This is where we will be able to buy Bitcoin with prepaid debit card. Some exchanges are also accepting credit cards. This is going to be very useful to users that want to buy Bitcoin with prepaid credit card. 

To buy bitcoin with prepaid debit card, you will only need to search for an exchange. These crypto platforms will be very useful for you to buy and sell digital assets. However, you need to make sure the crypto exchange offers support to debit and credit cards. 

Once you have selected the exchange you want to use, it comes the moment where you will buy bitcoin with prepaid debit card. Take into consideration that some exchanges accept both debit and credit cards. This is why you will also be able to buy bitcoin with credit card as well. 

You will have to open an account on the platform. This can take up to a few minutes. Remember to always confirm your email account and identity in order to have access to all the services and solutions. The verification process can sometimes take a longer time, but it is definitely worth it. 

In the exchange you selected, you will be able to buy bitcoin with prepaid visa gift card or a normal card. This can be one of the easiest ways to get access to the crypto market. Many users already know how to use a prepaid card. The whole process will be much simpler and easier for them. 

Where to buy Bitcoin With Prepaid Card?

As we have mentioned before, there are different cryptocurrency exchanges that allow users to buy bitcoin with prepaid card. The main challenge you will face is to find them. 

The whole experience will depend on the exchange you like the most. Moreover, if you have an account in an exchange, then there is no need to open another one. Just remember to have verified your account in these platforms. Remember to always verify if your exchange is supporting prepaid cards to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. 

Once you do so, you will be able to select Bitcoin and buy it with the card you want. Take into consideration that these platforms have sometimes fees on the transfers processed with cards. Some platforms are not accepting payments with credit and debit cards. This is why you should also check whether your exchange is accepting these payment methods. 

The verification process is going to be very simple. You can check this data on the FAQ section of the platform you use or contact the customer support if you cannot find the answer.  

Another way to buy Bitcoin with prepaid card is by searching P2P markets. These markets would be very useful for you to exchange your prepaid card for Bitcoin. Despite that, you will have to find a customer that would accept payments in prepaid cards. Although this might not be difficult to find, they could have higher prices than using other payment methods. 

If you know a person that is interested in selling Bitcoin, then you can make an offer with your prepaid card. As we just mentioned, it might be possible for these users to sell these BTC at a premium price if you pay with a prepaid card. In this case, you just need to make a decision on whether you would accept the price or not. 

A MasterCard card stands in a grey background

Is it Safe to Buy Bitcoin with a Prepaid Card?

Buy bitcoin with prepaid card is a safe thing to do. If you are concerned about safety, then you can be sure this is a safe method to get access to cryptocurrencies. Considering the card will not be linked to your bank account, you will have to share less information with the exchange or platforms you use. 

Moreover, having a prepaid card would not disclose your name and surname. You will not have to share your personal information as using traditional debit and credit cards. This is something that you should take into consideration when you handle prepaid card payments. 

Nevertheless, the platform you are using to buy Bitcoin with a prepaid card might ask you for an ID verification. If that happens, the safety issues would be related to the exchange platform and not with the prepaid card. Prepaid cards tend to be very safe and you can be sure they work properly.

Without a doubt, handling payments with prepaid cards is going to be very convenient from a security standpoint. Despite its positive aspects, there are many scammers in the market. Therefore, you should always use these cards with extreme care. You might send some funds to a scammer or to the wrong person. If you do this, it may be very difficult to recover your funds once the transaction is processed. 

Buy Bitcoin with Prepaid Card: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Buying Bitcoin with Prepaid Card

It is worth pointing out that there are advantages and disadvantages to buying bitcoin with a prepaid card. This method is used by people that like to make it simple, short and have good results. You shouldn’t encounter issues while using this payment method. 

A large number of individuals receive prepaid cards. That means that there are thousands, if not millions of users all over the world. As previously mentioned, prepaid card users sometimes do not know what to do with them. One of the things they can do is to buy bitcoin with prepaid visa gift card if they receive one. 

Bitcoin with prepaid card for wallet
Hand holding card that uses a Bitcoin with prepaid card template

Another positive aspect of prepaid cards is related to the information users need to provide to the platform. Considering they do not have your name printed, this can be a good way to avoid sharing private information. 

Nowadays, data is very important. This is why third-parties are collecting as much of it as possible. If you buy bitcoin with prepaid credit card, you will be able to protect your identity. Of course, there can be many other advantages related to the usage of prepaid cards. However, we have just enumerated a few of them. 

Prepaid Card Disadvantages

Moving into the disadvantages, we can mention that there are just a few platforms supporting debit and credit cards. Some others are not even handling gift cards, which make the whole process more difficult. That’s the main challenge of gift cards. It is difficult to find an exchange that would accept gift cards. 

Let’s say you found an exchange that allows you to purchase Bitcoin with prepaid card. However, you realize you need to verify your account. The platform will require you to send an ID verification. If that happens, then the benefits of remaining anonymous will be immediately erased.

You cannot enjoy the benefits of not having to provide your private information if they request you to send an ID verification. Thus, the way exchanges work would simply transform an advantage into a disadvantage. 

A personal computer next to a white card, twenty dollars and a wallet.

Buying Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies with prepaid cards can be also difficult. Even if some platforms offer users with the possibility to buy Bitcoin with prepaid card, they might not allow them to acquire large amounts of crypto. This can be a problem if you are a large investor or if you want to have a larger exposure to the market. 

In some crypto platforms, not all the cryptocurrencies will be available. For example, they might allow you to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin (LTC) or Ethereum (ETH) but not smaller coins. This could be a disadvantage for those users that want to have access to smaller tokens and digital assets. 

Pros of Buying Bitcoin with Prepaid Card

  • Very simple to use
  • Many individuals receive prepaid cards and do not know what to do with them
  • Less information provided to third-parties
  • They are portable as a credit or debit card
  • Some of them do not have an expiry date
  • They are a very safe method to buy Bitcoin
  • It is a very simple payment method to buy Bitcoin

Cons of Buying Bitcion with Prepaid Card

  • It may be difficult to open an account on exchanges that accept debit, credit cards and gift cards
  • Exchanges may require you to provide ID information, erasing the benefits of being anonymous
  • Some platforms do not offer large purchases of cryptocurrencies with gift cards
  • Buying Bitcoin with prepaid card might be more expensive than using other payment methods

Of course, there are many other things to take into consideration when you use prepaid cards. This was just a summary of the main advantages and disadvantages of using them to buy Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. 

Easiest Ways to Buy Bitcoin

Although we have mentioned to you how to buy Bitcoin with Prepaid card, we should also tell you that there are easier ways to get access to the largest cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoin is now accepted not only in the United States but in most countries around the world. The industry has expanded to the point in which every single country (at least most of the largest ones) have several crypto exchanges operating. 

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin is by using a crypto exchange. You can buy Bitcoin with prepaid card but also with debit and credit cards. This makes it easier and faster for you to get access to BTC and other virtual currencies. The most popular exchanges in the market include Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin or Bittrex, among others. Depending on the country you are, you will have different exchange options. 

Final Words on Buying Bitcoin with Prepaid Card

Buying Bitcoin with prepaid card can be a great way to get access to the cryptocurrency market. Of course, there are many other ways to get exposure to Bitcoin. However, we have decided to share this one with you so you can have an alternative method to get exposure to virtual currencies. 

Prepaid cards have a large number of advantages that you can check in the list above. But they also have some disadvantages. If you have gift cards and you do not know what to do, then, using them to buy Bitcoin could be a good option. 

The challenging part, however, is to find a platform that would accept payments with prepaid cards. Remember you can also buy Bitcoin with prepaid card to other users and investors. 

Unquestionably, using prepaid cards to buy Bitcoin is going to be a very convenient and useful option for many users. You just need to make the first step and buy Bitcoin with prepaid card.