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Buy Eyeglasses With Bitcoin

When Satoshi Nakamoto presented Bitcoin, he had a dream. He wanted an internet where a global currency would be used. Milton Friedman had the same vision. He thought the only thing it’s missing on internet its an E-cash system where a transaction without a bank. Besides this, an important thing was privacy. A lot of people had a problem with putting their data online. After a few major data breaches – the internet needed something new. This is where Bitcoin was changing things in the online e-commerce forever.

Buy Things With Bitcoin? Yes, It’s possible.

But, you need to verify the website that you enter on. Look for their address, a telephone number, a certificate based on which they are a real company and so on. Be extremely careful here. It’s better to contact them before and speak with them to give you these details.

Right now, in 2017 – more and more shops accept Bitcoin as a way of payment. Japan was expected to have at least 260,000 stores where Bitcoin was a way of payment until the end of the summer. Recently, remixpoint started accepting Bitcoin payments from its users. Slowly more and more people add Bitcoin as a way of payment on their online business. Why? Because they’ve seen the benefits that Bitcoin have. Comparing it to PayPal for example, Bitcoin would win for sure. A good thing for business owners is the fact that a charge back with Bitcoin would be possible only upon the two parties agreement. Unlike other companies where the client can receive the goods and do a charge back afterwards.

Buy Eyeglasses With Bitcoin

I was recently put in the place where I needed to buy a new eyeglasses frame. After speaking with a friends living in the USA, he recommended me to try Bitcoin eyeglasses. I did a little research about the website and found our the company is recently launched and based in Florida. I contacted the owner and spoke with him about the eyeglasses and a few days later a package arrived. I was extremely happy as I got it cheaper than from Amazon and I managed to pay with Bitcoin instead of FIAT. Of course it could have been the other way, but I trusted the owner as he told me that he only started and want to create a name out of Bitcoineyeglasses.com.

Another great thing that I found out after I placed the order was that I could have bought a pair with a cryptocurrency. Apparently, he can accept different cryptocurrencies but only via a message using the contact form. Moreover, I liked the fact that they have known glasses brands.

But this is only the beginning. In the short future, I think over 50% of the shops will accept Bitcoin or a certain cryptocurrency. Why? Because its cheaper, the security is better and you don’t need to put up your card information everywhere.

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