emailondeck - Buying Bitcoin Anonymously With EmailOnDeck Temporary Email Service

Buying Bitcoin Anonymously With EmailOnDeck Temporary Email Service


When registering on any exchange platforms or a marketplace for buying and selling bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, as a matter of fact, you’ll agree with me that an email address is required to be part of the platform. Most times, your most active email as you would be required to verify your registration through a link which would be sent to the email address you entered.

Using EmailOnDeck would be your best bet in buying bitcoin online fast and easy with total privacy. In two easy steps, you are given a generated email account to use online which is not traceable. You can now use this temporary email to buy bitcoin on your favorite platforms and enjoy the total privacy the bitcoin innovation offers.

EmailOnDeck entirely shields their users from the disadvantages of the web and also prevents you from getting spammed messages into your personal inbox on daily bases. Anyone can use the EmailOnDeck platform as it’s easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. You are only required to fill out a captcha and click a generate email button to create a personalized email address for your online use.

Your generated emails are kept functional using email sessions. It takes some days after the emails are created before the generated mail gets deleted from the platform. It’s probably more than enough time for you to use this email to get what you are trying to achieve done.

What if your session is lost and you are expecting a mail?

Sometimes, you clear your cache for some reasons, and your temporary mail is gone. This situation might be harrowing if you are probably still expecting an important mail for verification purpose.

EmailsOnDeck provides a means of recovering this mails during the duration which it is active on their server. The first thing you should do after you generate an email is to save your email token for that address. The email token can be found at the end of your inbox page, just click on the show email token link and the email token associated with that email would be revealed. Copy and save this token on your PC. Anytime the session is closed, and you still require using that mail for some important process you are still able to recover the email and its contents anytime and on any browser with the token you saved.

The disadvantage of entering your email is numerous. You probably have your email registered on one or two social media platforms. Anyone could simply look up your email on all popular social platforms out there and figure out who you are after a transaction. Aside from that, some marketplaces spam you with all sorts of emails or the platform in which you have registered gets hacked, and thousands of emails get collected to be spammed with all kinds of malicious links.

The essence of bitcoin was to be anonymous when sending and receiving money from anywhere in the world and you would agree with me that buying bitcoin should also come with some level of anonymity. This is where using temporary email for buying bitcoin comes in.

In conclusion, EmailOnDeck is an excellent service that allows you create email addresses for short durations, which is perfect for buying bitcoin while maintaining that privacy you crave.