Cardano Announces Big Updates Coming in New Version

For some time now, the Cardano project has promised updates on its coming features and new details are out on many of those. This transition will see the project update its systems and introduce new features to its ecosystem. Cardano announced these changes under the umbrella of its Version 1.4.

Below are the new and improved features of the Version 1.4 update.

Daedelus Wallet For Linux Computers

Daedelus is one of the best Cardano wallets and Linux users have been coveting it for a long time. Finally, it will be available for them. The wallet is not yet compatible with Linux computers and given the huge number of users of the computers, it’s no surprise there has been so many cries for it. Soon though, users of Linux computers will be able to access the Daedelus wallet on their Linus computers.

The Shelley Testnet

According to the project, its Shelley Testnet is in its development stages and will be released with this update. This is in an effort of transitioning Cardano to a fully decentralized network, something the project has been eyeing since it began. The testnet will allow users to try out new features coming to the project and give feedback to the developers. It will also help developers come up with better solutions and features for the project. Cardano will see the project introduce new features like stake pools and delegation of stake once decentralized.

The project has also announced they will launch a Cardano Testnet for users who prefer to get a test environment that is not on the main blockchain. It is expected to have all features available on the Shelley Testnet. According to the development team, the Cardano Testnet is 45% complete, and the main Shelley Testnet is 15% complete.

Cardano Rust Project

Rust, is a programming language that is much easier than most languages. It is popular in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry as it is used to simplify the web and for application development. Cardano now wants to integrate the language to its new update. The project hopes that this space can grow and become a community space for developers to work on their projects. This could see great developments get born within the Cardano ecosystem.

Storage Improvement

Finally, the project developers have revealed that they are working on improving storage. This will be done by minimizing the amount of space used to store network blocks. In particular, the developers say they will put every epoch in its own file rather than one file per block. This will significantly reduce the amount of space required by the network and in turn, reduce the hard drive space required form users. It will additionally increase the speed of the network.


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