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Centrality (CENNZ) Review: All You Need To Know

Centrality is a venture studio that partners with leading innovators in diverse industries to create a marketplace of applications. These applications allow users manage daily tasks and experiences using peer-to-peer transactions, through a single login and using blockchain technology.

The company, Centrality is one of the leading blockchain venture studios globally. It is made up of a team of 75 members located in Melbourne, Singapore, Auckland, and London. They are a global network of investors who are driven by a strong vision. The company’s vision is to help the world move to blockchain technology.

Unlike other blockchain platforms which sell their tokens to raise funds for their projects, Centrality already had an extensive portfolio of over 20 applications which were already in use, generating significant value before the token sale.

The applications all work together to help each other grow, building a one of a kind application marketplace that uses a standard token; the CENNZ token.

About the CENNZ Token

CENNZ is a legal entity structured in line with the New Zealand and Singapore laws. It has a board that has worked with several local financial markets and tax experts such as Bell Gully and WongPartnership to ensure compliance and a much effective system.

The CENNZ is a utility token used to connect applications in the marketplace and also to provide access to the Centrality software.

Here are how the CENNZ tokens are applicable:

  • Applications use the CENNZ tokens to purchase modules needed to build and integrate their applications.
  • Applications use the tokens as well to reward users for participation.
  • Applications also use the CENNZ tokens to reward referrals who invite other users from other applications.
  • Users as well receive the token from different applications and add to their token portfolio.

The CENNZ tokens are not mineable; they are only minted and earned. As more applications are built on the Centrality platform, and more users use the applications, the demand for the token rises. As the marketplace gets more substantial, so will the incentive to join become bigger.

The CENNZ token can be used in the marketplace to purchase physical goods in the real world through the network of merchants connected to the CENTRAPAY platform when checking out on the web or with the traditional point of sales system. Developers can buy these resources to further the growth of their applications in the marketplace. As there are more demands for the token, the value of the CENNZ token also increases, bringing gains to token holders.

Where To Purchase CENNZ Tokens

Aside from earning the tokens, CENNZ can also be purchased on the exchanges on which it’s been listed. The token can be traded/exchanged on the SingularX Decentralized Exchange and Cryptopia Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Where To Store The Tokens

The Centrality (CENNZ) token is an ERC-20 token and therefore can be stored, and transacted with from an ERC-20 compliant wallet.

Token holders can safely put away access to their CENNZ tokens offline on hardware wallets like the Trezor or Ledger wallets. There are also excellent software wallet options as well. They are MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity, and Trust Ethereum wallets.

Centrality Founding Team Members

There are a lot of them but here are the notable ones you should know.

Aaron McDonald, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Centrality.AI.

Jerry Yuan, a Co-Founder and also the Chief Operating Officer at Centrality. He has ten years of experience in Telecom and ICT industry. He is experienced in providing high-end values to various ICT projects.

Andy Higgs, who is the head of Strategic Partnerships at Centrality. He has a 20 years track record in delivering growth, new business and performance improvements in commercial leadership roles across private and public sector organizations.

Roger Smith, Chairman, and Co-Founder at Centrality. He has used his past 20 years gaining more experience in investment and change in global business practice and global change management. He has an entrepreneurial spirit of giving things a go and learning as he goes along.

Other notable people include Daniel Gillespie and Jerome Faury, the Group General Managers.

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Centrality is a decentralized ecosystem that connects diverse applications to communicate with each other with the help of Blockchain technology.

The ecosystem focuses on ten specific areas which are work, health, fitness, transport, home, travel, food, export trade, events, and education.

The blockchain powered platform will provide enormous benefits to both users and merchants via enhanced user experience, and shared acquisition of customers, data, and contents.