ces 2018 - CES 2018 Promises a Lot of Blockchain Technology Developments

CES 2018 Promises a Lot of Blockchain Technology Developments

As we know and as we have been covering the last year, Blockchain technology has been expanding rapidly everywhere and in several fields. The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2018, will be adding Blockchain technology to the lists of gadgets, electronic devices, applications and other technological developments.

Blockchain Technology Present in the CES 2018

Cryptocurrencies have experienced an exponential growth during the last year. Many currencies and platforms have expanded at incredible rates. Let’s take a look at Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin. But behind them, there is a technology known as Blockchain that supports all the technological developments that they are capable of.

As they become more mainstream, blockchain also becomes more popular and a technology used for different real life applications. Enterprises are able to increase effectiveness, transparency and reduce bureaucracy because of the smart contracts. Furthermore, it allows businesses and institutions to create liquid assets that are tradable and personal devices with the possibility to send or receive transactions.

The CES has been featuring different IoT applications and gadgets or devices. Now, is the time for Blockchain technology to be part of it. At UseTheBitcoin we have been covering how this technology can disrupt the world in which we now live. On January the 9th, there will be a conference about “The New World of Digital payments”.

The description reads as follows:

“Monetary transactions are based on trust, and digital currency is no different. We’ll have to put trust in mobile payments, the Internet of Paying Things, robo-advisors, cryptocurrencies, and peer-to-peer exchange as we democratize currency and go cashless. Fintech’s challenges are harder than ever, but the rewards are just as great.”

The topics will be ‘new links in the blockchain’, ‘IoT and commerce: humans optional’ and ‘the rise of robo-advisors’. The moderators will be Michael Casey, Jane Lacher and Thad Peterson. Different speakers will be present as Jeff Bender, Derrick Carpenter and Beric Farmer.

Other conferences about cryptocurrencies will be held. For example, ‘Leaders in Digital Money’, ‘Personalizing Transactions’, ‘cryptocurrency: “Game of Coins”’ and ‘The Future of Blockchain’. All of them will be held on January the 9th.