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Claim Your Fair Share of Your Meme through Meme.com

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Meme.com Overview

Meme.com is a platform for explorers to share their meme discoveries and creations. The platform is operating in the meme, NFTs, and social media sectors by using cryptocurrency to measure the value of content on the internet. It is led by a team of passionate and experienced individuals with viral and memetic content who believe that memes have a huge power to connect people and create unique shared experiences. The goal of Meme.com is to establish an avenue that empowers users to find and start trends on the internet. The team has high hopes that the platform will push the boundaries of memecoins, NFTs and digital art in unique ways as the sector continues to grow.

Meme.com enables users to mint memetic tokens that are based on the perceived value of the trend or meme they represent. The content around each item will be crowdsourced by the community with the creator of the best memes each month receiving rewards including special NFT art. Meme tokens can be staked on the platform to incentivize the community to generate and contribute to a specific meme. The platform has its own marketplace whereby the value of each meme and trend can be measured and compared over time.

The current meme market and its challenges

Meme makers have been mostly working for bigger platforms in order to get paid. Some are however just making memes to entertain their followers on social media and to grow their personal social media pages. The memes can then be used by others without properly crediting the original creators, meaning they end up contributing to trends, hashtags and entertainment without any monetary benefits to the owners.

Although some people are paid to generate memes for corporations for marketing and content creation purposes, the work does not belong to them, as these organisations usually claim ownership.

There are currently few marketplaces where trendy memes can be rated, shared and enjoyed. The value of these memes cannot be estimated or compared, meaning their makers are not in a position to ask for the right price for trending memes. Therefore, even in instances where there are rewards, it is hard to properly rate the value of each meme.

Meme.com Value Proposition

Meme.com is building a protocol designed to reward and provide a fair meme ecosystem. The goal is to allow meme makers to claim their fair share of the items they create or find. Users of the platform will be joining other experts to debate over the latest trends and most exquisite memes, allowing them to properly rate and value each piece of work.

The platform will host expeditions supported by sponsors who unlock Meme tokens and initiate the exploration open for all. The users will then collect evidence of noteworthy trends that will be submitted to a Meme Council for approval. Once their work is approved, the user can then earn Memecoin.

The platform offers an opportunity for meme lovers, creators and discoverers to earn a fair share for their efforts in contributing to internet trends. Memes are used in online content to attract viewers and retain their attention for longer. Therefore, the creators of these viral memes have a chance to earn substantial income through the Meme.com platform.

It can be hard to really value each meme correctly and offer the appropriate rewards to users. However, through the Meme Council, users can get better rewards compared to what the market is currently offering. Additionally, the platform is working on other features that will make it possible for users to meet experts that can rate the memes as well as an NFT that will reveal the real value of each creation. This NFT is the Marble Card

What are Marble Cards

Marble Cards are NFTs inspired by anything on the internet and acts as proof of discovery for a web page containing a meme or trend. Any page with a correct URL can be converted into an NFT. Marble Cards are ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum and guarantee ownership and will allow the creators or owners to sell the cards through auction on supported marketplaces. There will only be one version of each NFT so users of Meme.com have the chance to find the most unique, present them to Meme Council and stand a chance to be rewarded hugely depending on the value of the Marble Cards


Meme.com is building a fair share for the meme economy and will give ownership, rewards and credit to the creators. This is better than what creators and explorers are currently enjoying, even when some of their artworks have been used to push viral internet trends. With the upcoming features, it will be interesting to see how users benefit from Meme.com, and how the platform serves the meme, NFT and social media sectors.

Table of Contents


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