CoinMarketCap Starts Accepting Kind Tokens as Payment

· 07 Aug 2018 in Crypto News

CoinMarketCap, the leading crypto price listing index, released a blog post, on August 3rd, in which it informs that it will be accepting Kind Tokens in order to promote better advertising practices in the ecosystem.

CoinMarketCap Accepts Kind Tokens

Currently, CoinMarketCap is supported by companies that place ads on its website. In this way, it is possible for one of the most important cryptocurrency sites in the world to keep offering accurate and up-to-date data on virtual currencies.

As CoinMarketCap explained, they were analysing different projects that are focused in how to help users to experience ads in a better way.

The blog post reads as follows:

“As we continue to improve on our ad strategy and involve our users in understanding their needs, we have found many interesting advertising-based blockchain projects developing. We often research their pros and cons, and are active observers in how they may help our users to experience ads better, or even be rewarded as part of advertising ecosystems in the future – true to the spirit of blockchain.”

And indeed, they found a good project that is known as Kind Ads. This firm is trying to make internet more ‘friendly’ or ‘kind’ to users by making advertising more relevant for end users. CoinMarketCap says that it is sure that it can contribute making the internet a better place with relevant ads that reward both advertisers and visitors.

But what will change with this information provided by CoinMarketCap? Well, the company will be accepting payments in Kind Tokens and not only in Bitcoin, Ethereum and fiat.

“The Kind network enables advertisers and publishers to be connected directly using traditional and innovative ad formats, meaning that advertisers can get direct access to publishers’ inventories, a win-win on both sides in terms of cost and access,” reads the blog post. “As part of their model, users may also have greater control over their data and interests too.”

During the last days, CoinMarketCap experienced a glitch that changed the price of the virtual currencies displayed. Some of the coins registered 1,000% increase according to the platform, but of course, the situation was immediately solved.

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