Cold Coin Gold Review: A Secure Physical Coin

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The Cold Coin Gold bitcoin wallet is an offline/cold physical coin wallet built off the paper wallet blockchain software and the only one on the market we know of with 2FA Encrypted Security.

Ever had to explain to your friends and relatives the workings of bitcoin crypto technology, a digital currency which can not be seen or touched? Here is your chance to actually show them bitcoins in physical form and an online interface. This gives them a better fundamental and practical understanding of how the technology works with the new Cold Coin GOLD bitcoin wallet.

With only 250 coins produced from 2017 – 2018, and another 250 as backup coins, this cold storage coin is a recipe for a highly sought out collectible in the collectible crypto market, though what’s unique is, its practicality, security features, and low retail pricing. It’s a mashup of a paper wallet’s private key ownership and its simplicity, with the added benefit of a hardware wallet paraphrase 2FA security code function. All in the glory form of a sexy 24k plated gold coin. Users are able to send and receive bitcoin from the physical coin with the aid of any exchange, hardware wallet or ATM. After purchasing any number of coins, you will be able to view the balance and transaction history of your coin in your online account at the platform.

How The Cold Coin GOLD Bitcoin Storage Works.

Unlike other forms of wallets like paper and hardware wallets, the physical coin wallet doesn’t need any wires, plugs or specialized dependent software. Yet it still utilizes the similar paraphrase code security of a hardware wallet. Making it a more durable, tangible and practical solution for keeping your bitcoin cryptocurrency safe for a long term.

Users create their unique paraphrase code after their purchase of one or many coins. This code is to be kept safe and remembered as any withdrawals of funds stored on the coin is dependant on this code. A bitcoin wallet is also generated that is used to keep your digital cryptocurrencies on the purchased coin wallet. It’s therefore also recommended that large deposit amounts be spread over a number of coins, rather than one lump sum on only one coin.

The Cold Coin GOLD wallet comes with a Public Key QR code upon purchase in your account dashboard, which facilitates the deposits of funds from an external software wallet, cryptocurrency exchange or local cryptocurrency ATM. With an online dashboard interface, coin owners are able to view the value of cryptocurrencies stored on the Cold Coin Gold wallet with ease.


The Cold Coin Gold is a 24k gold plated 40mm coin with a holographic security seal on it that conceals your private key.

The wallet is not digital and therefore requires no form of current, wires or having to make use of specialized software in order to send and receive cryptocurrencies. Securing your coins isn’t just based on the concealed private keys at the back of the coin as cold coin gold utilizes a two-factor authentication (2FA) paraphrase security to combat theft. The coin being stolen or the private key being exposed doesn’t pose any risk to funds stored on it as your generated paraphrase code (which only you know) is needed to complete the transaction.

Private keys are backed up offline by the company and a replacement can be purchased if you lose your coin wallet. You might think of this as a security risk but it’s not. Without your paraphrase code, the company does not have access to your funded cryptocurrencies either.

How To Get The Cold Coin Gold Cryptocurrency Wallet.

The company has recently started shipping out their first batch of coins. You can order yours at the introductory price of only $39AUD. When it’s back to its recommended
retail pricing sometime this month, readers of can still purchase at the sale by entering the coupon code “USETHEBITCOIN” at


The Cold Coin Gold physical coin wallet is a refreshing new take on owning physical coins as a collector or for practical use. This time around as a secure tangible asset and not a gimmick that has plagued physical coins of the past. With Cold Coin GOLD we herald in a new era of Physical Coins 2.0 and we hope all will enjoy this new alternative way of storing bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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