Could Enjin Coin Reach A New All-Time High In April?

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Enjin Coin, one of the most known gaming related cryptocurrencies, is getting prepared for one of the most promising months. The Enjin cryptocurrency started as an ICO created on the Ethereum blockchain on November the 1st. Their token sale was a huge success, raising $23 M. in funds at a token price of $0.05. At their all-time high, Enjin coin had a price of $0.4757 per token, offering investors a 900% ROI.

But it’s not all about the price. Enjin coin had the most secure mobile wallet – the Enjin Wallet. With their own technology and a user friendly interface, the wallet is suitable for both beginners as well as experienced cryptocurrency users. Among the most interesting features we find the Enjin secure keyboard, created to protect users from data sniffing or keyloggers. The rule of two encryptions & the fact that you can restore your wallet using your private keys are two other great benefits that the Enjin Wallet offers.

What’s Coming Up For Enjin Coin?

April seems to be a great month for Enjin. In terms of technology, they have a lot to work on to create an Enjin environment used by gamers worldwide. According to CoinMarketCal, until the end of March – Enjin should finish:

  • Enjin Wallet Audit Security Report
  • EnjinX Blockchain Explorer Release
  • Enjin will be listed on a big exchange in March. ( This was probably already made, as Enjin was listed on OKEx )

And their team is not wasting time, Enjin was already integrated into a Minecraft demo, according to boxmining. They recently announced on their Reddit community that new features are coming to the Enjin Android & IOS wallets, such as the ability to create and manage multiple wallets and segwit support for BTC and LTC – more details about the featured can be found here.

That’s not all. Enjin also stated in an official press release that a partnership between them and Unity was made on March 21st, 2018. They were listed a few days ago on OKEx – one of the biggest exchanges in the world. Besides this, on February 26th, they published a press release which put Enjin on the map by being listed on 4 cryptocurrency exchanges: CoinSpot, Qryptos, CobinHood and CoinRail. And there are more benefits that Enijn offers. Especially according to this inforgraphic created for the future Enjin Game Developers.

Could Enjin Wallet Reach a New All-Time High?

Enjin has the potential to grow at least 30-50% in April. Maybe more. Their team is not wasting time around – but working to build up a valuable product. The last 7 days minimum was 1238 satoshi while the maximum was achieved on march the 26th at 1739 satoshi. That is a 40% increase in value since the minimum. Right now Enjin is being traded at 1484 satoshi on Binance and the potential is much higher. With over 756 million circulating tokens and $90 million in market capitalization, Enjin is only on the 106th place according to CoinMarketCap.

The main factor that I think will influence the Enjin coin’s price: the community. Enjin is not a cryptocurrency – it’s a community of gamers and not only. Recently, they created a form where interested game developers can complete so they would be notified when the Enjin developer program starts. Enjin is trying to create a community around itself and improve their products day by day.

Enjin Coin reached the all-time high a few days after the official release of the Enjin Wallet. And Q2 2018 looks promising enough for ENJ to reach a new all-time high. The Enjin team successfully completed almost all the Q1 2018 tasks, providing they are trustworthy and serious.

Right now, Enjin coin have a volume of $17 Million+ per day. This is another fact that proves that Enjin built a community around them and only traders. And by building a community – people will use the cryptocurrency and it will get more and more popular. It’s just a matter of time until ENJ will be adopted by millions of users worlwide. What is important to notice is the fact that ENJ was almost unaffected by the Bitcoin price drops – keeping a value over 1287 satoshi since the beginning of 2018.


Enjin Coin is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies for April 2018 – even if you’re looking to trade it or to invest in a solid project. There’s a huge potential for it – from both the profit point of view as well as from the community & the project one.

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