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Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


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Cryptal Exchange

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Several exchanges are now offering solutions to traders that want to buy and sell virtual currencies in the market. But one of the most promising platforms is now Cryptal.com. This exchange is a financial services company that is not only offering trading solutions but is evolving as an entire ecosystem in the cryptocurrency market. 

In this Cryptal exchange review, we will go through all the details you should know about this platform and why it is becoming increasingly popular among investors and traders. The exchange has been growing and it is offering unique features to traders and users in the crypto industry. 

What is Cryptal Exchange?

The Cryptal cryptocurrency exchange is a platform that is now offering crypto trading services to users that want to buy, sell and hold virtual currencies. The main focus of this platform is to make sure that users have an easy and safe trading experience when handling their virtual currencies. 

As the company explains, they believe that virtual currencies could become the primary medium of exchange in the future. That’s the reason why they want to become the main gateway for users in different jurisdictions to get access to this unique experience. 

The exchange has been working for several years now and it became one of the largest OTC services providers in Georgia (the largest). 

The Cryptal exchange includes several trading pairs and a large number of features that make the whole experience unique and pleasant for users. 

Cryptal Exchange Platform

Cryptal Exchange Features

As we mentioned before, there are many features that users can enjoy using this trading platform. Some of these features include the following:

  • Several trading pairs
  • New tokens added regularly
  • Instant trade
  • Several payment options
  • OTC trading

These are just some of the main features, which we will describe in the next sections. But the team behind this exchange has created a unique experience for users that works seamlessly and securely. 

The trading platform offers several advanced options for users that want to have access to market and limit orders, trading charts and more. Analysts can use a wide range of indicators and additional information to trade digital currencies. 

In this way, professional traders get the possibility of using unique trading tools to analyse the market and make proper investment decisions. 

Supported Coins

When selecting a cryptocurrency exchange, investors pay close attention to the supported coins. In this case, the exchange is offering different virtual currencies, not only the largest ones. Traders would be able to trade Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) or Ethereum (ETH) but also Polygon (MATIC), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and many others. 

In the future, new digital currencies will be added, allowing users to expand their portfolios and have new trading opportunities. 

Cryptal exchange supported coins

Instant Trade

One of the main features offered by this exchange includes the Instant Trade option. Users can immediately buy and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies and get their coins in seconds. This is how easy it is for investors to get access to the most popular virtual currencies in the market. 

Several currencies are supported through the instant trade option and many others could be added in the future. This is the easiest way to buy or sell virtual currencies. Advanced traders can use the exchange option rather than instant trade. Investors that want to get immediate access to the market should use the instant trade option. 


Another valuable feature offered by Cryptal exchange is their OTC desk that helps large buyers and sellers get access to the market and virtual currencies bypassing exchanges. The OTC solution offered by Cryptal has high liquidity, it is a 1-on-1 service and they have professional brokers handling the accounts. 

In addition to it, traders can also get access to special terms to trade through the OTC desk. This is clearly one of the best features offered by the platform to larger traders that want to get exposure to the crypto market. 

Fees and Payment Methods

The exchange has a standard trading fee of 0.25% for all the pairs and trades. Deposits have 0.00% fees as long as the funds are deposited using cryptocurrencies, international wire transfers and local bank transfers. 

VISA, Mastercard and AmEx cards have a fee of 3% (Mastercard and VISA) and 4.5% (AmEx). The withdrawal fees are 1.50% of the total funds withdrawn for wire transfers in USD ($15 in banking fees may also apply). 

Depending on the cryptocurrency you withdraw, the fees are very low. For example, for a BTC withdrawal, users could pay as low as 0.0005 BTC (much lower than other exchanges). 

Customer Support 

Cryptal also knows that it is very important to have efficient customer support. Several exchanges have been affected by the lack of experienced and efficient customer support. This is why the team behind Cryptal decided to implement a FAQ section that users can check at any moment if they have doubts about how the exchange works. 

However, they have also made it simpler for individuals to submit a request. The requests are usually answered in less than 24 hours by customer service agents that work on them on a daily basis. 

Cryptal Team

Cryptal has an experienced and recognized team working on a daily basis to improve the services and solutions offered by the platform. 

Khvicha Kopinadze is the CEO of the exchange. As a passionate executive, he believes in blockchain technology and the disruptive power of cryptocurrencies. 

The team is also formed by other experienced investors and professionals such as Giorgi Kervalishvili as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Temur Iremashvili (Head of the OTC Brokerage) and David Donadze (Compliance Officer). 

Cryptal Exchange Final Words

The Cryptal exchange has been growing over the last years and it is offering some of the most advanced trading options for users in Georgia and all over the world through its worldwide platform. 

Additionally, it has added some unique features such as the instant trade option or the OTC desk that make the whole platform even more attractive to all types of users: from large investors to newcomers.