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Crypto Influencer ‘Bitboy’ Ben Armstrong Ends Daily Show Amid Legal Challenges

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Ben Armstrong Announces End of Daily Crypto Livestream

Ben Armstrong, known in the crypto community as “Bitboy,” has announced discontinuing his daily livestream show, which he has hosted for the past three years. The decision, revealed in an emotional video on his personal YouTube channel, comes amid financial strain and legal difficulties. Armstrong shared that the cost of producing the daily show, which focused on discussing crypto trends, was no longer sustainable, burning through $25,000 a week. Compounding these challenges, he currently faces substantial legal expenses of about $100,000 a month.

Turmoil in Armstrong’s Crypto Career and Personal Life

Armstrong’s journey as the “Bitboy” vlogger, known for his brash and fast-talking style, has been marked by controversy and scandal. His crypto content, popular among a segment of crypto traders for its mix of advice and entertainment, led him to create his own cryptocurrency, $BEN coin, in mid-2023. However, Armstrong was ousted from the BitBoy brand shortly after the token’s launch due to “serious and personal allegations.” The subsequent lawsuit against the company that owns the brand was just the beginning of a series of tumultuous events. These included revelations about Armstrong’s personal life and legal troubles, such as an affair with the CEO of BEN Coin and his arrest during a livestream.

Implications of Armstrong’s Departure and the Crypto Community’s Reaction

The end of Armstrong’s daily crypto show marks a significant moment in the crypto influencer landscape. His channel had amassed a substantial following, with videos like “Make IMPOSSIBLE Gains with Bitcoin SUPERCYCLE” attracting tens of thousands of views. The decision to stop the livestream reflects the financial and legal pressures faced by Armstrong and highlights the volatile nature of being a public figure in the cryptocurrency space. The announcement, which quickly gained traction with 18,000 views, underscores Armstrong’s impact on the crypto community and the challenges influencers face in this rapidly evolving industry.

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